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Going Beyond the Basics

One of the most exciting things about Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 is that it contains a tremendous amount of depth and complexity. The strategies and techniques you can develop and attempt in the game are limited only by your own imagination. The following sections aren't intended to be an exhaustive list of what can be accomplished. Hopefully, they'll spark some ideas and help you see your units and structures in new and different ways. Figuring out secondary and tertiary uses for your units makes them more valuable, and more deadly. Note that many of these strategies are just as valuable in multiplayer and skirmish games.

Using Waypoints Mode

Waypoints mode is a powerful tool for setting up attacks on enemy bases and creating patrol routes for your units. But you can do quite a bit more if you take a few seconds to really get involved with it.

One of the better uses for Waypoints mode is for quick strikes against enemy units. Dog packs and Rocketeers are excellent for knocking out enemy Yuris, but if you leave them out on their own, away from your base, they're easily killed by certain enemy units. Use Waypoints mode to send them out to their target and then immediately return to base. For example, try this technique when sending Rocketeers out against V3 Launchers and Terror Drones. This way, they take out the enemy and aren't left hanging.

You can also use Waypoints mode to force move your tanks over enemy infantry by pressing the a key when you select the infantry unit you want to run over. This is the quickest way for tanks to get rid of Conscripts and GIs, and will save you the problem of trying to shoot them. Use Waypoints mode to make the tanks steamroll when you need it.

Any unit that has a turret (such as Grizzly Tanks, Rhino Tanks, and Apocalypse Tanks) can move in one direction and fire in another. Use this to your advantage. If you're going to leave these units in a specific place for some time, set up a small patrol for them and keep them moving. This helps protect them against the shots of V3 Launchers and IFVs, which target where the unit is when it fires and not where it's going to be.

Allied Tricks

Enemy forces attacking your Chrono Miners? Why let them get away with that? Select the Chrono Miner under attack and force move it back to your Refinery. Although you won't get a lot of ore this way, it protects the Chrono Miner and leaves the enemy units hanging. While your miner slowly moves back to the ore field, you can send out some other units to break up the enemy position, allowing your miner to work in peace.

Speaking of ore fields, try moving a few Chrono Legionnaires into an ore field being mined by the enemy. When an enemy miner moves into the area, your units automatically target and eliminate it. Remember, the larger the group of Legionnaires, the faster they'll eliminate the miners. This is sneaky and subtle. Just don't forget about your troops. Move them away if they come under serious attack. Also remember that Chrono Legionnaires can only attack one thing at a time; if you show up at an ore field with fewer Legionnaires than are enemy War Miners, the War Miners will win.

If you build your base near water, consider using Aegis Cruisers for aerial defense. Although their range may not allow them to adequately protect your entire base, they can easily protect the area near the water. Aegis Cruisers offer the best air defense of any vehicle or structure, bar none. Use them to protect your ships and the parts of your base they can reach.

If your enemy has a base near a small body of water, such as a lake, chrono your ships into the lake and attack. The enemy won't expect it and probably won't have planned to defend against it. Plan this correctly, and you'll not only devastate a part of the enemy position, you'll have a strong presence in the area and prevent the spread of their base.

Move Mirage Tanks into positions along the most likely paths of enemy attacks. Place them near trees so they're difficult to spot. If you can do this without your enemy seeing it, you'll have a nice ambush set up for them the next time they attack your base. If you can, try to get some Mirage Tanks just outside the enemy base to harass their units as soon as they leave the perimeter.

Want a quick rush to attack the enemy? Load up a NightHawk helicopter with Engineers and move it behind the enemy base. If you can do this without the enemy spotting you÷which is helped by the fact that NightHawks can't be seen on enemy radar÷you may be able to rush in with the Engineers and take a few structures before they know what's happening.

Finally, when attacking with Prism Tanks, have them target units near buildings. The initial burst of light will do some damage to the unit, but the backlash will do incredible amounts of damage to the nearby enemies and structures. You can take out even the most powerful enemy building with just a few hits this way. Just make sure you don't want to capture that building first.

Soviet Tricks

Soviet players have a few good tricks up their sleeves, as well. The first is to use Yuris a little more effectively. Consider having them as an integral part of your base defense. As the enemy column approaches, your Yuris can take over some of the enemy units, which can then be used to break up the rest of the attack. Any units that survive can be immediately turned around and used to attack the enemy. You lose nothing when everything that's destroyed was created with enemy money. Also, as the captured units are eliminated, your Yuris become ready to capture the next enemy that wanders past.

Any time you see an infantry unit that looks like one of yours, but that is moving toward your base÷especially when you haven't ordered it to do so÷be very suspicious. Try to select and move the unit. If you can't, it's an enemy Spy. If you don't want to rely on your own Attack Dogs to kill this unit, having your infantry force fire on it works nicely.

If you want to bomb something with a Crazy Ivan but don't want to risk him, plant bombs on your own Attack Dogs or Conscripts. These are cheap units that you can usually afford to lose. Although the Dogs are more expensive, they're also quite a bit faster than your Conscripts.

Consider using your War Miners as an offensive force. They're incredibly durable and also repair themselves as soon as they are damaged. While they draw the fire of enemy units, your tanks can roll in virtually unopposed. This is especially useful late in a mission when most of the ore has already been mined and your War Miners are sitting idle.

When attacking with V3 Launchers, try to get them to fire simultaneously. A single Patriot Missile can deal with a constant stream of missiles, but can't handle four or five fired at once. If you want them to be effective, fire in bulk.

Dog packs are one of the best ways to eliminate Chrono Legionnaires. You need about twice as many dogs as there are enemies, because the Legionnaires can kill dogs so quickly. You'll lose a few doing this, but dogs are easier to replace than tanks or structures.

A good unit combination is having your Yuris guarded by Flak Troopers. The Flak Troopers can handle any airborne threats while the Yuris grab onto any enemy vehicle on the ground. This is a tough rush to break up, because the enemy needs more units than you have Yuris, and they need something better than GIs, which your Flak Troopers can whittle through.

A nice, small rush combination is an Engineer and two Tesla Troopers in a single Flak Track, especially if you pre-build a Tesla Coil. Move in, take a building with the Engineer, and plant the coil. The Tesla Troopers will start charging it immediately, giving you a nice pocket of strength in the enemy base. Add a Flak Cannon to make it even more impervious.

Also, don't give up on your Conscripts. They don't do a lot of damage, but they can absorb a lot of punishment before they die. They are, realistically, about as tough to kill as a Tesla Trooper. Have them charge ahead with Engineers trailing behind. While your cannon fodder takes the brunt of the enemy attack, your Engineers can score a few enemy buildings.

Additional Tips

Vehicles that transport infantry have an interesting feature that you can use to your advantage. When that vehicle is destroyed, the units inside all exit the vehicle at the same time. Consider moving a transport or Flak Track into the enemy base and letting it be destroyed. Once it's destroyed, the units inside spill out. If you have these infantry units placed in individual command groups, you can start them running for different places in the enemy base all at once. Six GIs and six Engineers make a great combination for this. The GIs can deploy and fight off the enemy while the Engineers make a run for several buildings.

When you can, plant your units at the tops of cliffs. They get a range bonus here, allowing them to pick off distant units as the enemy moves to harass your position. There's nothing better than eliminating half of an enemy column before it gets the chance to do anything to your base or units.

It's a good idea to queue up a defensive structure whenever you plan to take an enemy building. As soon as you get the building, plant the structure to add some kick to your new presence in the enemy base. Go with a powerful structure÷a Prism Tower or Tesla Coil÷first. Follow it up with Pillboxes or Sentry Guns because they can be created so quickly.

If enemy garrisons are a problem, destroy buildings completely. Units are forced out once the building's health reaches red, but the building can be repaired by an Engineer. If you keep firing on the building, you can destroy it completely. It can't be repaired, and you can completely eliminate the possibility of that position being garrisoned in the future.

When an enemy builds a special weapon, the shroud is revealed around that weapon and you get a countdown timer to show you how much time you have before the weapon can be used. Unfortunately, the shroud doesn't show much of the terrain around the weapon. Usually, you should start attempting to take out that weapon, but don't rush in. Probe carefully and look for possible avenues of attack. Scout with fast units. In most cases, you don't have a lot of time, but you do have some. Rushing forward gets your units killed and doesn't weaken the enemy. Take your time. Plan.

Finally, keep your units in top repair. Any unit you lose needs to be replaced. Although repairs can be costly, they're a lot cheaper than building new units. Repair whatever you can, whenever you can.