Lieutenant Eva

Even in the theater of war, Lieutenant Eva's dry wit is as unmistakable as the rattle of gunfire. But don't let her coolness deceive you; the ever-loyal Eva, Allied Intel officer, is America's team mom, using her extensive knowledge of Soviet tactics and technology to apprise commanders of the what, where and how of the imminent Russian invasion. As part of official protocol, she'll relay battlefield intelligence, new developments, and moral support. But don't expect her to issue hugs.


Her cynical attitude and brusque manner would've gotten her booted from the U.S. military years ago if the loud and proud Tanya wasn't as tough on the battlefield as she talks in the barracks. The Allied Special Forces commando - with a body as hard as a mortar shell - does have a few soft spots, though; take out enough Soviet installations and she might just have a kind word or two. Hey, if you want unconditional love, get a puppy.

President Dugan

Commander, we present the president of the United States: a no-nonsense leader who knows that sound bites and TV-ready charm will only take him so far. Underneath, he's blazingly indignant at the Soviet onslaught, and his reactionary tendencies - often skewered in the press - just might be an asset in the face of the Russian invasion.

General Carville

Sure, he's a cheery, salt-of-the-earth type in peacetime, but with the Soviets romping on America's doorstep, he's as mad as a bull with a burr in his ass. The colorful Texan is the U.S. military's highest-ranking officer, and he's earned it; his battlefield experience and wisdom are garnered from a life on the front lines. But even in the blood and blaze of war, General Carville still manages to keep his Texas-sized brand of humor.