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Mission 1: Operation: Lone Guardian.
The Soviets have made an amphibious landing into a metropolitain city. The situation is serious, but the latest reports indicate that Fort Bradley is still operational. Unfortunately, you're cut off from the fort, and there has been no recent communication. Using Tanya, you must reestablish contact with a military base in the area. Tanya must also survive this mission.

The mission starts with reports of Soviet Dreadnoughts attacking a major landmark. Your troops in the area are ineffective at stopping them, but you have Tanya on your team for this mission. When you gain control of the mission, select Tanya and have her attack the four Soviet ships. She'll plant explosives on each one, destroying them and ending the threat.

A Soviet transport drops off a group of Conscripts to attack as well. You don't need to worry about these; the GIs surrounding the area are more than enough to keep this small ground assault away.

When Tanya approaches, Soviet Paratroopers appear. Despite your best efforts, this Soviet attack is initially successful and, you'll get a message from Romanov. He'll invite you to lay down your weapons and join the great Soviet Revolution. Naturally, you shouldn't (you can't anyway). Your GIs can handle the Paratroopers easily. When this attack is over, un-deploy the GIs. Now you have a force to surround Tanya as you move to reestablish contact with the base.

There's a bridge to the west. Head across it with the entire group and destroy the V3 Launcher you find. As you leave the bridge, you find a couple of GIs under attack from Soviet Conscripts. Move in to rescue your men if you can. Even if you can't, you should take out all of the Soviets before moving on, heading north to the next bridge.

Keep moving north until you find the next group of Soviet Paratroopers. Kill as many as you can, then follow the rest to the east. Garrisoning the buildings here not only helps you kill off the Conscripts, but also keeps your own units safe. When you reach the ore field, deploy the GIs. The buildings here are badly damaged and can't be garrisoned. This area comes under heavy attack in the next few minutes, and anything you can do to protect your Chrono Miner will help you.

Move Tanya farther east and into the military base. This reestablishes contact with the base, and you receive a new mission objective. Tanya knows the location of a Soviet supply dump. Taking it out would dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the Soviet troops in the area. You must destroy this supply base as soon as possible.

As soon as you enter the base, start building a Barracks, placing it as soon as it's complete. Build about a dozen GIs and, when your force is ready, look to the southern portion of the base. Send one of the Engineers into the repair building on the bridge and move your GIs and Tanya over the bridge and into the Soviet camp.

As you cross the bridge, a large portion of the shroud is revealed. You get a good look at the Soviet base. It's guarded by a few Conscripts, as well as a Sentry Gun, which will chew through your men quickly. Don't worry about it for now. Target the barrels in the area to blow up any nearby enemies, then move the GIs into the storage building. They take it over, fortifying it and giving you a base of operations.

Move Tanya into the base, south of the building you've just taken. Have her target the Conscripts first. Her range and ability to take out infantry with a single shot should prevent her from taking any damage. Once the immediate threat is gone, have Tanya move through the base, destroying any and all structures she finds.

Tanya can handle the rest of the base on her own. Have her take out all the buildings, shooting Conscripts as they appear. Tanya shouldn't try to take on the Sentry Guns by herself, however: If she dies, the mission ends. Instead, send in the GIs, deploy them, and take out each gun separately. Use Tanya to blow up the buildings. When all of the Soviet structures are destroyed, the mission ends.