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Mission 10: Mirage, Black Forest, Germany
Things have changed, and mostly for the better. Plans are under way for the final assault on the Soviets. You're off to Germany to protect a lab in the Black Forest. Your job is to connect with the local people and do everything possible to keep the lab protected. As your briefing ends, General Carville is killed by a Soviet Crazy Ivan, who was waiting outside the General's office. Now you're truly on your own.

As the mission starts, you are told about a new invention, the Mirage Tank. Move these units back to the base as soon as you can. You should also move the MCV up to the lab and deploy it there. While you're doing this, start building a Refinery and another Prism Tower.

Place the Prism Tower on the outside of your main base, either on the left or the right. The Refinery should go near where you deployed the MCV. Start building in earnest now. Before you do anything else, you need another Chrono Miner, three Prism Towers on each side of your base and a few more toward the top center, and Power Plants to run them. Continue building these items, and don't worry about units for now.

The three Soviet bases attack you constantly throughout this mission. There are two main keys to surviving. The first is to have enough Prism Towers surrounding the base to fight back the Soviet ground units. If you're taking significant amounts of damage at your base, you don't have enough Prism Towers. Keep adding them until you can fend off the Soviets with minimal damage.

The second key is a group of Rocketeers to take out the Soviet V3 Launchers. A group of five or six should do the trick nicely. Keep them active in order to reveal additional terrain, particularly to the north and east.

Things, unfortunately, aren't going to get any easier. As soon as you are able, you have more construction to take care of. Create a Battle Lab, which allows you to build Spies, an Ore Purifier, and the Spy Satellite. Build both of these structures. The first gives you more money for your ore, and the second reveals the entire map. This lets you better plan for the Soviet attacks.

To accomplish this, start building Spies and Harriers. You need several more Air Force Commands to assist you in this mission. Three filled with aircraft are good, but four are better. That seems like a lot of air power, and it is. But it's also necessary for what you're going to do. You can start with two sets of four aircraft, but you'll eventually want 16 Harriers.

Disguise your Spies and send them to the northwest. When you have at least eight Harriers ready to go, send a Spy into the Nuclear Reactor to shut down the power, then attack with the Harriers. Eight Harriers do a nice job of damaging the reactor for you. Repeat this once the Harriers are ready to go again, and destroy the reactor completely. This takes out the power at this base for a little while and allows you a slight respite from attacks from this base.

You can repeat this as necessary to keep this base off your back. They continue to replace the reactor every time you destroy it, but you shouldn't have too much difficulty taking it out quickly. When you have the 16 aircraft you need, drop the power again and take out the Construction Yard with the Harriers. Now you can move in with vehicles and clear out the rest of the base. It's easier if you drop the power first so that you don't have to worry about the Tesla Coils. Prism Tanks are a big help in eliminating this base. Once you destroy the Barracks and War Factory, the enemy will fold everything and rush your position.

This basic strategy gets you through the other two bases as well. Continue to use Spies to steal the Soviet's money and drop their power, then hit with your aircraft to destroy their Construction Yard. Follow up with additional air strikes and ground assaults. As you eliminate the bases, you'll experience fewer and fewer enemy attacks, which should make finishing up relatively simple.