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Mission 11: Fallout, Florida Keys
As this mission briefing begins, you are thanked for saving the base. You are also told that the Allies have perfected the Chronosphere, which will allow you to teleport your troops from place to place. It has been decided that the perfect place to deploy the Chronosphere is in the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, this location is extremely close to Soviet-held Cuba. You need to reinforce the area, deploy the Chronosphere, and take out the Soviet Nuclear Missile Silos on neighboring Cuba.

This mission is very difficult, and you'll have your hands full for the first few minutes. You've got a pretty good base started already, but you need some additional items. Start building a War Factory and a Patriot, as well as three each of the Aegis Cruisers and Destroyers.

Just after the mission starts, you'll be alerted to a new Soviet unit: Giant Squids. Use your Dolphins to get the Giant Squid off the ship it's attacking, and your Destroyers will kill it immediately. When this is taken care of, look back to your base.

Send eight of your GIs south across the bridge and deploy them southwest of the Refinery here. You can also send the other four east and have them garrison one of the two hotels on the beach. Build two SEALs and a dozen or so GIs now. The SEALs should move south to the beach. The first GIs can help garrison the hotel in the east, while the others should head north and occupy one of the structures on the island in the far northwest.

Near your Air Force Command, place the Patriot you built to the south. Build another one and place it here as well. Around this time, the Soviets start attacking. Your units are kept busy fighting them off, but your garrisoned troops can handle them. The Soviets move in with ships near your Navel Yard. Be particularly careful of the Squids, and kill them before firing on the Typhoon Subs.

Not long after this, a group of Dreadnoughts sails in and starts hitting you from the south. Your main ships can't get to them quickly, but your SEALs can take them out for you. Have them destroy the Dreadnoughts, then pull them back on land to avoid the Squids.

Now it's time to really start building. Create Grizzlies and IFVs for now, as well as a Battle Lab. You will probably need some additional Power Plants, so build these when you can. Once you place your Battle Lab, create a Spy Satellite and a Chronosphere.

When you place your Chronosphere, you're alerted to the presence of the Soviet missiles in Cuba. You have 19 minutes to shut down the missiles or their power before the missiles are ready to launch.

Fortunately, the Chronosphere charges in half the time the silos take. Create a small group of units. You want a couple of Prism Tanks, a few Grizzlies, and several IFVs. The IFVs are quite important. Put Spies in your IFVs. Chrono your troops into the southwest corner of the map, near the first Soviet Nuclear Reactor.

Once your troops arrive, have a Spy leave his IFV and go into the reactor. This shuts down the power for a minute and allows you to bring in your other vehicles. Have them take out the reactor. Keep your Prism Tanks well back. Although this is a significant hit to the Soviet plans, it doesn't completely take their power offline.

The way to take the power offline is to send the Prism Tanks east and have them attack the barrels behind the wall. This quickly takes out all of the Soviet Tesla Reactors in the area and gives you the chance to do a few more tricks. Have your second Spy leave his IFV and run him into one of the silos. This resets the timer. The Soviet forces replace their lost Tesla Reactors, which starts the countdown again, but at least it starts back at 19 minutes. Continue to use the Chronosphere to send over groups to knock out Soviet power, and keep running a Spy into their silos with each use of the Chronosphere.

Of course, this is quite costly in terms of units. One way you can save yourself some headaches is to destroy the northern bridge leading onto your island. This helps keep the Soviet troops that land on the island off your back.

You also get airdrops of Desolators in the heart of your base. Don't sweat these-a single Prism Tank or SEAL can handle the whole group quickly.

The trick to shutting down the Soviets permanently is your navy. Start building ships, with special emphasis on both Destroyers and Carriers. When you're ready, move the whole navy south and start inching in. When you get in range, have the Carriers take out the Soviet Naval Yard in the west while the Destroyers and Dolphins stand guard. When the Naval Yard goes down, turn their attention to the second Nuclear Reactor here. Destroy this, and the Soviet power goes offline for good.

Your ships can hit the silos from the water, as well. Have them start attacking, and supplement these strikes with any Harriers you have. Keep shuttling over Prism Tanks to assist in these attacks, too. Ignore everything in favor of destroying the three silos. When they're gone, take the Construction Yard. The Soviets can't replace their lost silos and can no longer attack your Chronosphere. The mission ends in success.