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Mission 12: Chrono Storm, Moscow
This briefing begins at General Carville's funeral. President Dugan names you as Carville's successor. Your first and, possibly final, task in this role is to attack Moscow with everything you have. You must get Tanya into the Kremlin to capture Romanov. The Soviets outnumber you tremendously, so you need to act quickly and decisively. Worse, they're armed with both an Iron Curtain and a Nuclear Missile Silo, and aren't shy about using both, even in their own city. Good luck.

The mission starts with a trio of SEALs dropping in around a fortified Soviet area. When they land, they'll take out all of the Conscripts in the surrounding area. Use them to destroy the Tesla Reactor, which triggers the arrival of your MCV and a few IFVs. Plant the MCV right where it appears, then move your SEALs through the area and destroy all the Tesla Coils. You'll get a few infantry units by knocking out the fence in the top left corner.

You now have a bunch of things to do and not a lot of time to do them. You want to prevent the Soviets from using their Iron Curtain and Nuclear Missile. Start by creating your base. Put a Power Plant down to the left of the Construction Yard, then place all your other buildings to the west and north of this. Keep everything except that first Power Plant away from the Construction Yard. Use the two Engineers you have to take over two of the Tech Derricks. As soon as you have a Barracks, build three more Engineers. Two of these should take the other two derricks. Keep the third back for now.

Your starting GIs should move to garrison the four bunkers sitting outside of the base. There are two in the south and two in the east. Each one holds four GIs.Because you start with six, you'll need another ten to garrison these fully. Create these units and another 10 GIs.

Continue building up your base. Concentrate on getting a War Factory and building a few more Chrono Miners, then start churning out IFVs. You also need some additional Power Plants, as well as Patriot Missiles guarding the east and south. Place some near the derricks in the southeast corner of the base, as well as to the east of your Construction Yard.

Remember that extra Engineer you built? Take him and 10 GIs out the northern end of your base, then head east. When you spot the Sentry Gun, deploy the GIs to destroy it, then have them occupy one of the buildings in the area. The Engineer should move in and grab the Tech Airport, which allows you reinforcements throughout the game.

Otherwise, you'll be reinforced twice more back in your base. The first time, you get a set of Grizzly Tanks, and the second time, you receive a bunch of Prism Tanks. Leave them where they are for now, having the units react to threats.

The biggest threats are the Kirovs that move in from the east. In addition to the Patriots you already have in place, move all of your IFVs in to take these out. You may want to create a battle group of IFVs to react to Kirovs.

Continue building structures. Create an Air Force Command building for the radar, as well as the ability to get the Battle Lab. Build and place this structure, which allows you several useful items. The Spy Satellite and two Chrono Legionnaires should be the first things you create once you put down the Battle Lab.

Continue to create GIs, as well, and have them garrison the buildings around your base. You also should occupy a few more buildings near your airport to keep it protected. If you don't occupy this area in strength, the Soviets move in with several tanks and use their Iron Curtain to make these units invulnerable. Then they attack your derricks, which you need.

Speaking of derricks, there are a couple more to the east of the airport. Get these when you can, and protect them with more GIs garrisoning buildings.

The only way to stop the Nuke is to sneak a Spy into the silo. You'll have to get past a Psi-Corps Trooper and an Attack Dog, however. If this fails, once the countdown gets to about a minute, move all your units away from your Construction Yard. Move in with your Chrono Legionnaires. When the missile is launched, move the Legionnaires next to your Construction Yard. Have one force fire on the yard while the other force fires on the nearby Power Plant. When the missile hits, you lose both units, but your structures remain untouched.

Keep in mind that this is a risky proposition. If your Chrono Legionnaires attack your Construction Yard for too long, they will end up destroying it. You can simply let the Nuke hit. This will destroy the Power Plant next to your Construction Yard, but will not destroy the Construction Yard itself. Once the missile has impacted, you can simply replace the Power Plant and repair the Construction Yard.

Another option is to garrison nearby buildings and build an assault force to destroy the silo. The ideal force should have eight Grizzlies in front, covering four Prism Tanks firing at the silo and its defenses. Now it's time for some more fun. Create a few Spies and send them east into the Soviet base. Have them run into anything you can, particularly the Refinery to steal the Soviet's cash. Continue doing this every few minutes. The Spies should have little trouble getting in safely, and you'll score some useful ore every time you do it.

You also need more Chrono Legionnaires. Collect a group of five or six for now. Once you have them, check out the map, particularly the eastern edge. You spot a small island holding two Nuclear Reactors. Move the Legionnaires here and have them eliminate both structures. Although this doesn't take down the power of the Soviet base, it's a good start.

Once this job is done, send the Legionnaires into the southeast corner. There are two more Nuclear Reactors here, both of which can be eliminated quickly. If the Legionnaires come under fire, break one or two off from their attack on the reactor and have them target the new enemy. Take out both reactors. Again, this doesn't drop the Soviet's power, but it helps.

You need to do this one more time with your Chrono Legionnaires. Send them all into the southwest corner to regroup, then take out the final two Nuclear Reactors. This time, the Soviet bases lose power, and you stop the countdowns for both the Iron Curtain and the Nuclear Missile Silo.

With the power down, gather up a force of units and send it east into the small Soviet base. Destroy everything that you don't want to capture. You may want to send Spies into the critical structures first. Take their money one last time and, if you can, send Spies into the Barracks, War Factory, and Battle Lab, as well. Then wipe out this base. It won't be that tough, because the Tesla Coils are offline. Use Harriers, if you have them, to take out the Sentry Guns safely.

From here out, it's simply a matter of whittling away at Soviet strength. Start moving south slowly, continuing to react to the Kirov threats and slowly proceeding toward the main Soviet base. Keep making Chrono Legionnaires, and use them to take out the structures along the southern edge of the map. Again, mass their fire on a single target, then break off one or two each time a Soviet unit moves in to investigate what's going on. Take it slow and easy here, because those Legionnaires are expensive.

Whenever you can, airdrop GIs into the south to help protect the Chrono Legionnaires. Keep them moving in, carefully taking out each structure. The Apocalypse Tanks are problematic, but five or six Chrono Legionnaires can take them out pretty quickly.

Don't worry about the orange base in the west. Keep a force of units around this base to prevent the Soviets from attacking, but you can effectively ignore them. Your main goal should be to get the Chrono Legionnaires into the Kremlin area and start eliminating the green units and structures. This takes some time and a lot of patience. Start with the Sentry Guns in the back, then work around carefully, taking out the Apocalypse Tanks, Conscripts, Tesla Coils, and Flak Cannons.

When all of the green units are gone, Tanya drops in, enters the Kremlin, and captures Romanov. Congratulations, Commander! Victory is yours!