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Mission 2: Operation: Eagle Dawn, Colorado Springs
Soviet tanks have assembled near the Air Force Academy in Colorado, and the Russian military has taken over. This is a critical air base. You must take it back from the Soviet forces and defend it at all costs. Tanya is currently in the area and can help retake the base for you. However, she and her men are completely cut off. Rescuing the Air Force Academy also means rescuing Tanya.

You start with a much smaller force this time. Tanya is currently camped out with a pair of GIs and a trio of Engineers. It's a pretty small force to take on a captured base, but you have to make do with what you have in the area.

Move north from your starting position and eliminate the group of Conscripts moving down the road to your right. Tanya should have no trouble wiping these guys out completely on her own. Have her move onto the power-up crate for the armor upgrade, which will be valuable in the assault to come.

Around this time, you receive word that a group of Rocketeers is in the area. They'll be needed shortly, but first Tanya has some work to do. Move the Rocketeers up to the crossroads and have them wait for additional Conscripts. They can take them out easily, since the Conscripts can't shoot back at them. Any Conscripts that get away will be handled by your GIs.

The problem that faces you is this: You can't use the Rocketeers to attack the Sentry Guns guarding the base, because the guns are protected by Flak Cannons. Fortunately, there's a way around this. Tanya, with her ability to swim, can enter the base via the water at the entrance. Move her in, take out any Conscripts she can see, then have her destroy the Flak Cannons. Once these are down, the Rocketeers can eliminate the Sentry Guns without opposition. Even better, when the last Flak Cannon is destroyed, you receive reinforcements of six Engineers dropped directly into the base. Two have orders already. As soon as they hit the ground, one takes the Construction Yard while the other recaptures the Air Force Academy Chapel. Use the other four to take the Power Plant, War Factory, Refinery, and Barracks. Then move in your troops from the road and use one of the Engineers to take the Air Force Command. You now have a complete base at your disposal. That's good, because you also have a new mission objective-you must destroy all the hostile forces on the map.

The Harriers at the Air Force Command take off and recon the Soviet base, which is located in the east. Now you know where you'll be headed and where the bulk of the enemy attacks will come from.
Start building your forces. You want at least one additional Chrono Miner, as well as several tanks and GIs. You need to protect both sides of your base. Have the Rocketeers move west and uncover the patch of ore near your base. They should hover there for now, protecting your miners from being attacked by wandering Soviet enemies. Pillboxes are also a good idea. Put a few in the southern entrance, moving a few GIs and tanks there as well. In the east, a couple of Pillboxes are handy, but you should also put a few in the northeast corner, outside the walls. These will attack any enemy units moving up the road toward your base.

There are a few extras you can locate with your Rocketeers. Move them into the top left corner to locate a couple of Soviet Conscripts and a power-up crate. Once the enemies are gone, move up a unit to grab the crate.

Send the Rocketeers down the left side of the map, and you'll find a couple more Rocketeers waiting for you. Add them to your force and keep flying, exposing additional terrain. Note, however, that air units such as Rocketeers and Harriers can't pick up crates-only ground units can do this.

The third thing to look for is a small encampment south of the main Soviet base. A few Conscripts are guarding some trucks here, and the entire area can be cleared out quickly with your Rocketeers. Each of the trucks will drop a useful power-up crate for you, although it may take
you some time to clear the way to pick them up.

Keep creating units once you have your base defenses established. A handful of tanks and a large group of GIs are your initial attacking force. Start with the tanks, moving them to the area just off the road where the Soviets are currently mining. Four or five tanks can easily destroy both of the Soviet War Miners, giving you a significant production advantage over your foes. When both miners are destroyed, move your GIs to this area.

Keep moving the GIs toward the Soviet base, but rather than attack the front, have them move around to the back of the base. There are a few Conscripts and an Attack Dog here, which should be no problem for a large bunch of GIs. With the opposition gone, move these troops in and take out the pair of Tesla Reactors.

Have a single GI follow the wall outside and destroy the barrels in the corner. This eliminates a huge section of wall, giving you an entrance into the main part of the base. You can now send additional forces here and have them start dismantling the Soviet structures.

Start with the Flak Cannons and Tesla Reactors. Send your last two Engineers down to this base, move them in, and capture both the Soviet Construction Yard and the Barracks. With the Flak Cannons around the Construction Yard gone, you can have Rocketeers fly in and destroy the Sentry Gun guarding the Construction Yard as well.

You have now established a presence inside the Soviet base. Make the Soviet Barracks your primary base and start making more Engineers. Take all of the Soviet structures in the camp, then move out and destroy the additional Flak Cannons.

This triggers a massive airdrop of GIs, who destroy any remaining Soviets. To avoid taking too many losses, use Rocketeers to eliminate the last few Sentry Guns on the southern end of the Soviet base.

When all of the Soviet structures are destroyed or in your possession, the mission ends.