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Mission 3: Hail to the Chief, Washington D.C. Dawn, Colorado Springs
The Soviets have placed a Psychic Beacon near the a major landmark; with it, they've taken over the mind of the President. Naturally, this is an intolerable situation. You must act quickly and destroy that beacon so the President can be rescued. The longer he stays under Soviet control, the more our position and military secrets are compromised.

You start with a huge number of GIs, a single Engineer, and a Construction Yard. Move all but one of the GIs into the buildings in the area. The Engineer should move into the Jefferson Memorial and repair it. It seems like a waste of a perfectly good Engineer, but, in this mission, by repairing damaged memorials, you receive power-up crates filled with cash. This is an ongoing theme throughout the mission. The best and easiest way to supplement your income is to repair important structures.

Build up your base as quickly as possible, paying special attention to creating GIs and Engineers initially. You need to occupy all of the buildings to the east and south of the area immediately around your base. Several of these buildings need to be repaired before you can send in the GIs, while others are damaged to nearly the same degree and should be repaired to prevent your GIs from being ejected.

The Soviets drop Paratroopers into your area throughout this mission, and having those fortified buildings is one of the main ways to keep the enemy from overwhelming your base. Supplement these structures with a couple of Pillboxes, and position IFVs and Grizzly Tanks next to these structures to help fight back the waves of Conscripts and mind-controlled civilians.

As you get the money to do so, move GIs southeast, having them capture additional neutral structures. Take positions around the significant ore fields in the area so that your Chrono Miners have some level of protection when they're working far from your base.

You'll be reinforced twice during this mission, once in the southeast and once in the northwest. Both groups are small, but if you can get them to your base, they are extremely helpful. Unfortunately, neither one is capable of simply making a run for it. The northwestern group can make it, but will take substantial damage. The southeastern group has a long way to travel, and must drive past a number of Soviet-occupied structures.

The way to get them home is to use Rocketeers to destroy the enemy buildings, then the Conscripts that are inside. Keep a close watch on the area for roving Flak Tracks, and have the Rocketeers target each building in turn, eliminating the units that are ejected each time.

You should also build an Air Force Command or two and a squadron of Harriers. (Four on each Command). These are great for softening up garrisoned buildings and Soviet War Miners.

You can also use Rocketeers to explore the map. In the southeast, you discover the Smithsonian Castle, which can be repaired-providing you with additional money crates. Along the eastern side of the map is the Smithsonian Museum itself, which is also in need of repair. In the north, the Lincoln Memorial is also nearly destroyed, and will reward you with additional money crates when repaired. At the map's center, locate the Washington Monument, which also needs a fix.

The mission continues like this for some time, with you fighting back waves of enemies and slowly expanding outward between waves. You can fight these waves back by moving a large group of Grizzlies and IFVs to take out the small base over the bridge. Back up your force with a Repair IFV and some GIs. This helps cut down on the amount of ore the Soviets are bringing in, which reduces the assaults.

The other move to make here is much more pragmatic. Move a large force of GIs up to the area just north of your base location. The large civilian assaults are coming from this area, and deploying 20 or so GIs here keeps them from reaching your base.

With the reduction in Soviet ground assaults, you'll spend less time repairing your vehicles, need fewer Engineers to repair occupied buildings, and won't have to spend as much money replacing destroyed units. This gives you the chance to start building a strike force of your own. Start with a group of 10 GIs and move them across the bridge toward the middle of the map. Have them occupy one of the tents near the Washington Monument.

The second force should have several tanks and a number of IFVs. Place a couple of Engineers into a few of the IFVs. Although this makes these vehicles non-combatant repair wagons, it also gives you an excellent way to transport your own Engineers to the front line.
Move in carefully, attacking buildings and pulling back when resistance becomes too intense. Use your repair vehicles to fix any damage to your tanks and IFVs, then move in again. You have to fight the enemy units at some point, but you should concentrate on structures when you can. You can easily get a couple of Sentry Guns and a few Tesla Reactors. Wipe out the enemy around the Washington Monument first.
Now take one of those Engineers and repair the Washington Monument. It is, after all, a national landmark, and you'll be rewarded for doing this. Continue with the main force, pushing toward the enemy base and destroying anything you find, pulling back to repair as needed. Use the Engineers to capture the enemy buildings when you can. These structures will be attacked almost immediately after they're captured, so you may want to simply grab them and sell them. Protect the Barracks if you can, if only to allow you to produce more Engineers in the heart of the Soviet base.

You can also continue creating IFVs and Engineers in your own base and move them to the front. Deploy the Engineers and take whatever buildings you can. Each time you do this, you weaken the Soviet position and give yourself an additional fighting vehicle, since the repair wagon reverts to being a normal IFV once the Engineer deploys.
Continue moving toward the beacon. Eliminate one of the two Sentry Guns guarding the beacon, then blast through the wall and destroy the
beacon itself.

With the mind control gone, the President and two aides leave the White House and board a rescue helicopter. Your job here is finished. Although some secrets have been compromised, the President is safe and, more importantly, he's himself again.