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Mission 4: Last Chance, Chicago
The Soviets have deployed a Psychic Amplifier in Chicago that is far more powerful than the Psychic Beacon they used previously. When this device goes online it isn't just the Windy City that will get mind-controlled, it's half of the U.S.! You must prevent this at all costs. Because the Soviets are well established in the area, you must make an amphibious assault, establish a beachhead, build a base, and destroy the amplifier before it goes online.

You start with a group of Destroyers and several transports loaded with troops and an MCV. You also have a group of Rocketeers (except in hard mode). Before you can move in your transports, you need to clear the shoreline of Soviet forces. Use the Rocketeers to take out the Grand Cannons and then sail in your Destroyers and Transports.

Keep alert for enemy Typhoon Submarines as you move in, and take the time to destroy these before continuing. Move toward the exposed area, and have the Destroyers shell the shoreline. Take out the Naval Yard first, then eliminate any resistance you find on the shore. Enemy V3 Rocket Launchers are a problem, so take these out before firing on other enemies. Make sure you also take out the Sentry Guns before you move in with the transports.

It is still a hot landing zone, at least initially. Deploy your units from the transports as quickly as possible and start building. Get your base up and running while you fight back the Soviets with your initial units.

Build a Barracks as soon as you can, even before you build a Refinery. Create a couple Engineers and use them to capture any remaining Soviet structures on the shoreline. If you can get the Soviet Construction Yard, take it and sell it. There's no need to keep it, but it's worth the money. Also capture the Service Depot, and keep this to repair your vehicles damaged from combat.

As you land, you're notified of the time remaining until the amplifier goes online. Ignore this for now. You need to get units built and your base protected before you can think about charging off to find the Soviets. Pillboxes are very helpful, particularly in the north and west.

As soon as you can, start pumping out tanks, IFVs, and GIs. Place them around your base in defensive positions, but keep them ready to move. You also may want to build a Naval Yard to repair your damaged Destroyers. However, your money is better spent on base defenses, increased power, new structures, and additional GIs and tanks. In fact, you can forego building the Naval Yard entirely if you wish.

You'll be reinforced several times through the mission. When the new transports arrive, move them on land, deploy the units, and send the transports back into the water so they stay out of your way. These reinforcement groups help tremendously with building up the forces you need to attack the Soviet base.

Gather up a large force of tanks and a few IFVs and move them northeast to the destroyed bridge. Park them here, and send an Engineer and a group of GIs to follow the vehicles. Have the Engineer repair the bridge, then move everyone across.

The Soviet position here isn't that tough, but if you aren't careful, you'll lose a lot of units. Move past the Soviet buildings and start destroying whatever you see. Take out the Sentry Guns in the area, then start blasting through the Tesla Reactors.

There's a Soviet-occupied building in this area that will cause a lot of problems. There's a great way to eliminate it, though. Send your tanks toward it to draw the fire of the Conscripts, then have your GIs capture the building next door. Between the tanks and the GIs, it won't take long to whittle this building down to nothing, force the Con-scripts to deploy, and take them all out. When resistance is gone, deploy your GIs from the building and get them ready to move.

Around this time, you're reinforced with a large group of Rocketeers, who appear in the northeast. Move them over and carefully explore the area. You don't want to get them too close to the Flak Cannon, which will kill them off quickly. You can also grab the Tech Airport here if you wish, but you won't need it to finish the mission.

Take your tanks northwest toward the top of the map, fighting off any resistance. You discover a bridge here leading into the Soviet base. Plant your tanks on the bridge to fight back the Soviets, and also to eliminate the Sentry Gun on the small island. The large, strange building behind the Sentry Gun is the Psychic Amplifier that you need to destroy.

To take out the amplifier, move your GIs into the building just northeast of it and have them fire on it. With a group of 10 GIs, it takes just a few seconds to reduce this building to scrap metal and end the mission successfully. Your Rocketeers can assist with its destruction, as well. With the amplifier destroyed, Vladimir retaliates by nuking the city, killing off your troops as well as any of his own still in the area.