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Mission 5: Dark Night, Polish-German Border The United States is negotiating with its European allies for aid against the Soviet forces. In return for European arms and troops, you and Tanya have been enlisted to conduct a mission on behalf of the Europeans. Missile silos have been placed near the German-Polish border, well within striking distance of all of the European countries. Your task is to knock them out.

You start this mission with just Tanya under your command, but as the mission starts, a Night Hawk comes in and drops off three Spies. You must get one of these Spies into the Soviet Battle Lab, located to the northeast.

You're also warned about the presence of Soviet Attack Dogs, which are trained to kill your Spies. Have the Spies disguise themselves as Conscripts and send everyone north carefully. Tanya is your only unit capable of firing, so she needs to kill off any enemies you encounter.

The easiest way to move is to create two battle groups. One should consist of just Tanya while the other is made up of the Spies. Move carefully, leading with Tanya. She should move in very small increments, taking just a few steps and clearing the area of enemies. Move her too far and she's vulnerable to being killed by the wandering Attack Dogs while she's getting from place to place. Following the road is the easiest way to travel, at least initially.

Move up until you are near the location of the Soviet Battle Lab. It's heavily guarded by troops and Tesla Coils, which need to be avoided. You can't really go through the front door, so move west and travel along the side of the base. When you see the fuel barrels sitting next to the wall, have Tanya shoot them. This destroys a nice section of wall and gives you the perfect opportunity to enter the base without worrying about the Tesla Coils.

Once inside the base, your troubles have only started. There's another Tesla Coil here but, fortunately, it's surrounded by more fuel barrels. Shoot these to destroy the coil, then move in. While Tanya stands guard, have one of the Spies enter the Battle Lab. This gives you the locations of the two Soviet Nuclear Silos.

Unfortunately, you're going to need another one of your Spies to get back out of the base. The northern exit is guarded by additional Tesla Coils. Send one of your two remaining Spies into the Tesla Reactor just north of the Battle Lab. This shuts off the Soviet power supply for about a minute, allowing Tanya and your final Spy to move out. Have Tanya take out the enemy Conscripts and the Tesla Coils on her way.

Tanya and the Spy should now head north to the easternmost of the two silos. The easiest way to get there is to simply follow the road across the bridge. Stop once you get to the other side. Leave the Spy on the bridge and deal strictly with Tanya here. You won't need the Spy to complete this part of the mission.

Once over the bridge, move Tanya west until you find the barrels resting outside the walls here. Shoot them to destroy the wall sections and give Tanya access to the base. Move her in carefully, taking out any Attack Dogs you see. Tanya will spot barrels in the area near the wall protecting the silo, as well as around the Tesla Coil. Have her destroy both sets of barrels, then move her into the silo to destroy it.

Now you have to leave the base. Send the last Spy into one of the Tesla Reactors, then have Tanya destroy everything. Three more Spies are dropped off at your original landing zone. Disguise them and move them up to join Tanya. Head north out of the Soviet base, or go back to the entrance you used and go west. In either case, you need to make your way up the hill so you can assault the final base from the northeast.

Now, things get tricky. The entrance to this base is guarded by a pair of Tesla Coils, which means Tanya can't get in. You've got to use the Spies. Have one move in carefully, paying attention to the Attack Dog just inside the base entrance. Move the Spy through while the dog is off on patrol and send the Spy directly into one of the Tesla Reactors. This gives you about a minute to act. Move in Tanya and destroy both of the Tesla Coils guarding the base entrance. Once these are down, Tanya should enter the base and take out all the guards near the entrance, particularly the dogs. Move in the other Spies and place them near the Tesla Reactors.

When the Soviet power comes back online, move another Spy into a reactor to shut it down again. With the power off, have Tanya take out the three Tesla Coils guarding the way to the Nuclear Silo. She must also take out the Conscripts and dogs here before the path is clear.

With all the guards in the area gone, Tanya just needs to move into this final silo to destroy it to complete the mission.