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Mission 6: Liberty
While you're starting With the assistance gained from the Europeans, America is in a much better military position. It's time to stop reacting to Soviet aggression and thinking defensively. It's finally time to go on the attack instead. If you can reclaim the city and reinforce the area, the U.S. can start the campaign to oust the Soviet invaders from American shores. Go to it!

As the mission starts, the a building is under attack from Soviet forces. Fortunately, the defenses around the building are pretty solid, with a number of well-placed Prism Towers and Pillboxes. Reinforcements come in from the top of the screen. You'll have a trio of transports that you should move into the area immediately. While the attack is going on, start repairing the structures. You'll salvage more of the base defenses by directing the Prism Towers to attack the Soviet tanks closest to the building. You can expect to lose a Prism Tower or two, a Pillbox, and a Patriot Missile during this first attack.

When you can, unload the transports and get things moving. The GIs should move to the northeast corner of your base and dig in, because the Soviets will keep hitting you. Deploy the MCV wherever you find room and start building. You don't need Power Plants right away, but you do need a Refinery, a Barracks, a War Factory, and an Air Force Command immediately.

The trick to this mission is adequate defenses, both in the front and back of the base. Although the majority of the enemy attacks come from the bridges to your east, there's another bridge in the northwest, and several enemy attacks will come from there, as well. Start building GIs and have them garrison the buildings at the bottom of the hill north of the base. You may need to repair these buildings, so use the Engineers you start with or build additional ones to fix these structures. Garrison them completely.

While you're starting to turn out units, you need to replace the base defenses you lost in the first attack. You need a Power Plant or two to help charge these structures. Three or four Prism Towers in the northeast, a Pillbox or two, and a couple Patriot Missiles will help keep the Soviets off you for most of the rest of the mission. Get these defenses up, then start pumping out units. Fill up your Air Force Command with Harriers and turn out IFVs and Grizzlies, as well as additional GIs. Direct the Prism Towers to attack the Soviet tanks closest to the base.

All of this takes some time, and a lot of cash. Be patient. Your goals here, at least for the first half hour or so, should be to keep your buildings repaired and slowly build up your strength. An Engineer in an IFV will help you keep your vehicles healthy. If you can effectively increase your number of units without having to replace losses, you'll be much better off down the road. At some time during the mission, you'll be alerted that the Soviets have a new weapon. Terror Drones are deadly when they attack your vehicles. The best defense against them is to hit them hard and early. Keep your units behind the Prism Towers and hit with everything you have whenever you get the chance.

When you can afford it, build a second Air Force Command and load it up with Harriers as well. Four of these aircraft can take out many Soviet structures, but they don't have the power to take out the most important ones. When you start retaliating against the Soviets, you want to hit with a minimum of eight airplanes.

Although money's tight for a while, you need to create some other units as well. A group of Rocketeers is very important because you can use them to start scouting out the other side of the bridges. Look for the isolated Soviet Refineries and have the Rocketeers take out the War Miners that appear. Keep your eye on them, because the Soviets will defend with Flak Tracks. You also should have the Rocketeers take out the Sentry Guns guarding these structures.

Additional groups of GIs should move north and capture the buildings on both sides of the bridge here. Have Engineers repair these structures and capture the Tech Hospital, as well. You may eventually lose these structures, but your GIs do an excellent job of keeping the Soviets off your back from this direction and allow you to build forces to repair and garrison the Lincoln Memorial.

Back at the main base, you find the Soviets moving in with V3 Launchers. Only when these units are present should you ever have your vehicles venture out from behind the safety of the Prism Towers. Hit these units in force, then pull back.

You also can have an IFV scout the areas across the bridge to locate the enemy units and structures. With these revealed, start attacking with your Harriers. Go for anything, but hit the Construction Yard first if you can. You may lose a plane or two in this attack, but getting this building is critical. Because this group of Soviet troops is a different army than the main force, taking out this Construction Yard effectively causes this group to stagnate.

Now build up a force of vehicles and move in. GIs can also cross the bridge and start garrisoning the neutral buildings here. Continue to attack with the Harriers, knocking out base defenses and power. Spies and Engineers should move across, infiltrating and capturing the enemy buildings.

Your goal here should be to wipe out this contingent of the Soviet forces. Take out what you can from the air, then complete the sweep from the ground. Move over a large force of GIs and about half a dozen Engineers. Repair all of the neutral buildings, including the Lincoln Memorial, and garrison everything fully. You have now effectively blocked off the two main paths into your base.

Take another force of vehicles, and move them across the northern bridge into Soviet territory. Stick close to the top of the map. You're looking for a Soviet wall. Blast through and move in. Don't worry about anything at this point. Ignore the Tesla Coils and the enemy units. Advance until you find the Construc-tion Yard, and take this out. A force of eight tanks and five IFVs should do the trick for you here. If you lose everything, it's a fair trade. You've prevented this large Soviet force from replacing lost structures.

Now move out across the main bridges in the east and start heading north. Use any remaining Rocketeers to knock out the garrisoned buildings while your vehicles slowly roll up the Soviet forces. If you can build Flak Tracks, load up a few with Engineers and move them into the Soviet base. Once the defenses are cleared, start capturing everything. You can use these to produce additional units if you wish, but the chances are that you won't have much time before the Soviets start destroying your new structures. Placing a pre-built Prism Tower here can help. If you don't want to bother, just capture the buildings and sell them. Because the Soviets can't replace structures, you're effectively taking away their ability to produce new units, as well. With their Barracks and War Factory gone, they have no way to replace anything, and will sell off all of their structures and attempt one last mad dash. Let them come to you, and pick off straggling enemies with the Rocketeers. Thwart this rush, and the mission ends in success.