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Mission 7: Deap Sea
The good news is that you've managed to reclaim a lot of U.S. soil, and General Carville is quite pleased that you've allowed him to return home. The bad news is that the Soviet fleet is moving into the South Pacific, and it appears to be headed directly for one of our island bases. Losing this vital naval base would give the Soviets control of the entire Pacific. You must destroy their navy and retain American supremacy in the Pacific.

When the mission starts, you have a fully functioning base already up and running. While you still need a Service Depot and a Battle Lab, you have pretty much every other major structure in place. Before you build those two structures, though, you need a few other things.

Primarily, you need Prism Towers, more power, more ships, and two more Chrono Miners (at least). A massive Soviet fleet hits you as soon as the mission starts. If you don't deal with it quickly and properly, you lose several key structures and have to effectively start from scratch.

Move your Aegis Cruisers into position to destroy the missiles from the Soviet Dreadnoughts. Your Aircraft Carriers should attack the Sea Scorpions first to give them air superiority. When the Scorpions are down, the Carriers can start in on the Dreadnoughts. Your destroyers should handle the subs. Prepare to lose a few of your ships during this attack. You should manufacture a few additional Destroyers immediately to help you with the submarines. Send your navy back to be repaired when this skirmish is over and, for now, keep your ships around the USS Arizona Memorial.

On land, the Soviets begin dropping in sets of Paratroopers at several different locations around your base, including right in the middle. Patriot Missiles are a good idea, as are a few Prism Towers to help deal with the enemies when they land. Be very wary of the groups that drop directly into your base near the Refinery, because these groups tend to contain an Engineer, who will make a run for the Refinery. If he does get it, make an Engineer and take it back.

Now you can start producing GIs. Have them occupy the buildings to the north to deal with the Paratroopers who move in from this direction. You should also occupy a couple buildings in the east, since additional Soviet paratroop teams enter there. Taking these buildings essentially allows you to ignore these attacks for the remainder of this mission.

Early in the mission, the small base on Niihau is attacked and destroyed by the Soviets. They move in and set up their own base there. You need to move quickly, or they'll create and use a Nuclear Missile on your Naval Yard. There are a couple of good ways to move against them quickly.

First, create 11 GIs and a single Engineer, and load them into a transport. Send them north to the Tech Airport and capture it. You want to garrison the buildings around the airport, too. It's a good idea to spend a little money and reinforce this area. Build a Refinery, a Barracks, a couple of Power Plants, and a few Prism Towers and Patriot Missiles for this area. Use the Barracks to further garrison the buildings here.

Take your navy and slowly move it toward the Soviet base. You don't want to move too quickly, or your ships will fall victim to the Soviet Typhoon Submarines patrolling the waters. Instead, move in small increments, coaxing the subs out one at a time so your Destroyers can take care of them quickly. From your small base in the north, place a couple of GIs into the transport and head to the Soviet base. Your goal here should be to simply find land and unload the GIs. Pull the transport out immediately. Have the GIs move inland to expose as much of the terrain as possible. Now you can drop Paratroopers directly onto the Soviet island. You should use them to expose more and more terrain, concentrating on moving south when possible.

While you are doing these things, start making additional ships as a back up. You need more Destroyers and Carriers, as well as a handful of Aegis Cruisers. These should move slightly south, guarding the way into your Naval Yard. You need them in case something happens to your strike fleet.

You also need a couple Prism Towers inside your base, right between the Construction Yard and Refinery. The Soviets airdrop troops into this area, and these groups contain Engineers. You need to keep these enemies off your base as much as possible, and two Prism Towers assisted by three or four IFVs can handle it nicely.

Things can become critical very quickly here. The Soviets are capable of creating a Nuclear Missile in this mission, and you have no adequate defenses against this weapon. You can, however, reset the Nuke's timer by sending a Spy into the Silo. Because time is at a premium once the silo goes online, your best route is to attack with your ships. While the Destroyers pound the shoreline, taking out Flak Cannons and Flak Troopers in particular (as well as any roving submarines), have your Carriers send the airplanes in to assault the Soviet base. You need to hit the Nuclear Silo as hard as possible. It takes some time, and you may not get it before the Soviets launch a missile. Don't worry, just keep hitting them as hard as you can, and continue to knock out air defenses with the Destroyers to give your planes a clearer path to the target.

Of course, you can also handle this (or prevent it entirely) with intelligent use of the Paratroopers. Drop them onto the southern end of the island once you find it, and immediately dig them in. They'll take out any enemy units in the area. Once these are gone, have them concentrate their fire on the Soviet buildings. When they run out of targets, un-deploy them, move them up a little and re-deploy them. Continue dropping additional troops into the area as they become available.

Essentially, you want your GIs on the island to roll up the Soviet defenses while your navy moves in and takes care of the Soviet ships. Have your ships patrol the entire island, paying special attention to both the Naval Yards and the Soviet Dreadnoughts located in the northwest. With the Soviet navy gone, or at least hurting, you can turn the Carriers' attention to land-based targets.

Now, while your ships can continue to hit targets of opportunity on this island, you can continue sending Paratroopers in to attack on land. While a group of six Paratroopers isn't that powerful, several groups are quite adept at blasting through Soviet structures. Aim for the Construction Yard and Barracks first, then work on air defenses. Your ships can destroy any Sentry Guns and Tesla Coils to help give your GIs freedom to move.

With a beachhead established, you can start shuttling in tanks and IFVs to help with the mop up. It won't take long to eliminate the remaining Soviet resistance. In truth, you shouldn't need the additional vehicles. Let your GIs finish their work. Make a sweep of all the islands. Once all Soviet structures are destroyed, the mission ends.