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Mission 8: Free Gateway
The Pacific is yours, but the world situation hasn't improved. Your military has an important base located in a major city. Unfortunately, the Soviets have discovered this base, and have planted another Psychic Beacon in the area. Take Tanya and a small team of GIs and Engineers, and either capture or destroy the beacon before it goes online. Once you have done this, you must destroy all remaining Soviet forces. Naturally, Tanya must survive as well.

Your team consists of Tanya, five GIs, and a pair of Engineers. You need speed and stealth to get to the target in just 20 minutes. Start by moving south. Capture the large building just south of your starting position with your GIs, and wait until the position is charged by an Attack Dog. When the dog is dead, deploy the men and continue southwest until you find the large arch.

While you're moving, you need to check behind you for pursuing Soviet troops. They march in packs of Conscripts with a single Tesla Trooper. You'll also see dogs moving in behind you. The dogs need to be taken care of as soon as possible because of their penchant for slaughtering both your engineers and Tanya.

When you reach the arch, head directly west until you find the Hospital. Be particularly careful when going under the bridge, because you won't be able to see very well, and enemy units can hide here and take you out.

When you reach the Hospital, cross the street to the northwest and have the GIs enter this building. It's attacked from several directions at once, so keep Tanya and the Engineers well away from this structure. Stay put until all of the enemies in the vicinity are dead, then click on the building and have it target the barrels next to the Soviet Barracks. The explosion takes out the Barracks, the surrounding troops, and-most importantly-a large section of the wall.

Move Tanya in now and have her destroy the two Tesla Reactors you can reach. This disables the Tesla Coils guarding the Psychic Beacon. Have Tanya blow it up. After you destroy it, a transport team will unload an MCV and reinforcement troops near the arch. You can establish a base here.

With the beacon destroyed, something fascinating happens. In addition to a large crop of reinforcements moving toward you along the Mississippi River, all over the city people revert back to normal, throwing off the Soviet control. All of these civilians fall under your control, and most start running for the arch. Don't worry if a lot of them get killed. If you took the beacon with an Engineer, some of the Soviet units will convert to your side, too.

Have Tanya take out the two additional Tesla Reactors in Busch Stadium, and sell the Psychic Beacon. Once the reactors are gone, destroy the Tesla Coils and Flak Cannons in the stadium so you don't have to worry about them later on. You can leave these until the end if you wish, but there's no real need to. Once these buildings are destroyed, move Tanya back to your new base.

You're constantly attacked by the Soviets throughout this mission. You need troops and vehicles immediately, but you also need base defenses. A few Pillboxes are critical, as are Patriot Missiles to stop the Soviet V3s from destroying your base. Add units whenever you can. You'll be replacing losses for some time, but you should be able to add units to the mix slowly. Concentrate on adding both tanks and IFVs to all of the critical points in your base. Creating a few repair IFVs helps tremendously. You'll be kept hopping for some time, trying to simply tread water. Build some GIs and move them carefully toward the Soviet territory when you have the chance. Have them occupy buildings in groups of 10, and hold the buildings against the Soviets. Grab structures at road junctions and places overlooking the Soviet base. The area north of their base is important, because it offers you a good avenue to attack from when you get to that point.

The Soviets have Desolators on this mission, and they're a problem. When they move toward your base, attack immediately with Rocketeers, who can't be hurt by their radiation.

You also may be attacked frequently by V3s. While your Patriots can probably handle the bulk of them, you should not hesitate to send out tanks to destroy these units as quickly as possible.

Get a Battle Lab up and running when you are able to. Prism Tanks are worthwhile in small numbers, but their fragility keeps them off the front line. Of much greater importance is the ability to build Prism Towers. Add them to the front of your base and along the northeast side. You need additional Power Plants to keep them charged.

You can also send a couple of Engineers to the southwest corner of the map and capture the abandoned buildings here. There's a War Factory and a Refinery. The War Factory isn't much use except as some quick income, but the Refinery is right next to a nice ore field that's untouched. Send one of your Chrono Miners here and guard this building with a Prism Tower and a Patriot Missile or two.

As your GIs occupying buildings take more and more Soviet heads, the Soviet attacks on your base start to peter out. You can help this process along by destroying the Soviet War Miners when they move into your area to dredge up your ore.

Keep moving teams of GIs into the Soviet area and continue to garrison buildings. When you can, target Soviet Tesla Reactors to kill off their power, then move in and take out the Tesla Coils. A large group of GIs moving in bit-by-bit and deploying every few feet does an excellent job of killing off any Soviet units in a second or two. These same groups can then wipe out any enemy structures they can hit.

Essentially, all that remains is mopping up the remaining Soviets. Take out Tesla Reactors as they present themselves to keep the Tesla Coils offline. You also should make a strong rush for the Construction Yard, but you may want to help reduce resistance by eliminating the Barracks and War Factory first. At some point, when you have taken too many Soviet buildings away from them, they sell everything and put all their hopes into one last mad dash. Your GIs in buildings stop most of these, and your base defenses get the rest. You can assist the GIs by creating a group of Harriers and having them destroy any Sentry Guns and Tesla Coils you encounter.

Don't forget to destroy the remaining structures in Busch Stadium if you haven't already.