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Mission 9: Sun Temple, Tulum, Mexico
Soviet troops have started surrendering in droves, but the war is still far from over. A Soviet research station has been located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It's apparent that this facility is attempting to replicate the American prism technology. Naturally, you can't allow them to gain these powerful weapons. Using a SEAL team, you must either capture or destroy the Soviet facility, then take out the rest of the Soviet base.

At the start of the mission, a transport plane moves in and drops off your forces. You start with a group of five SEALs, which are all you really need to begin with. Move them northwest up the slope, then send them west. They encounter slight resistance, which they have no trouble taking care of. Move the SEALs down into the camp, taking care of all of the enemy troops. As you do, a NightHawk enters from the top of the map and drops off a trio of Engineers. You may wish to move the Engineers back into the helicopter for now, as the Engineers are pretty vulnerable.

Once you've taken out the sets of Conscript guards holding the two compounds here, the tanks and GIs fall under your control. You also learn the location of the Soviet facility, which is in the south. It's heavily guarded, but you shouldn't have too much trouble getting in.

To start, put five GIs in each of the two large huts near the compounds. The Soviets continue to send small forays into this base, and your GIs keep your troops protected. Also move out the tanks to help fight back the Soviets.

Now it's time to get sneaky. Place two Engineers and three SEALs into the helicopter transport. Move the third Engineer into one of the compounds for safety, while the remaining two SEALs stand near the huts to help keep the Soviets away from this camp.

Take the helicopter and fly it straight east, then move it south until you reach the corner of the map. If your helicopter is shot down, you can also swim the SEALs south to the back entrance. From here, head west until you're over land again. You want to set the helicopter down at the back edge of the high ground here, right next to the ore field. Deploy everyone, then move the helicopter out and over the water for safe keeping.

Move the SEALs up slowly and have them take out every infantry unit they encounter. Because your SEALs and engineers are not capable of defending themselves against the Soviet vehicles, move them into the base when the War Miners are either unloading or in the ore field to the west. Move them into the Soviet base, and keep the Engineers just behind them.

Your team discovers that the Mayan pyramid just inside the base is actually a modified form of a Prism Tower. Have one of the Engineers capture it and, while this is happening, tell one of the SEALs to destroy the barrels next to the wall to the east. This takes out a few Soviet vehicles and structures and allows your second Engineer to grab the Tesla Reactor here. Once you do, the Prism Tower activates and slaughters everything in the surrounding area. This also triggers an airdrop of another SEAL directly in the heart of the Soviet base.

Now it's time to use the SEALs for what they do best-destruction. The Prism Tower couldn't be safer, since nothing Soviet can get near it. Start taking out structures, starting with the right side of the base. The Soviets will replace most of their destroyed buildings, but you really need to start getting rid of the Tesla Reactors when you can. Move around, shooting barrels when you see them. Essentially, you want to knock out as much power as you can, then destroy the Tesla Coil guarding the Construction Yard with the tanks you found, or else take out the anti-air units and use the NightHawk. Once this is down, take out the Construction Yard itself. You've now prevented the Soviets from replacing lost buildings, but you still need to take out their Barracks and War Factory.

Again, move in slowly. Any time Soviet resistance gets heavy, pull back to the safety of the Prism Tower, then move out again. Once you take down the War Factory and Barracks, the rest of the mission is a losing proposition for the Soviets.

There are a few places you need to be careful. The SEALs have great range with their weapons, and you can take out the Sentry Guns from outside these weapons' range. Move in slowly to take them down.

You also need to do something about that second Prism Tower. You can either move in the final Engineer and capture it, or you can have one of the SEALs destroy it for you. Either way, once it's out of the way or in your hands, the first objective of your mission is complete. This triggers an airdrop of an additional SEAL, although at this point, you really don't need him.

The final tricky spot is the two Tesla Coils guarding the front of the Soviet base. Both are being charged by Tesla Troopers. To eliminate these coils, have a SEAL move in carefully and drop the Tesla Troopers charging them up. With these units out of the way, the Tesla Coils go offline, allowing you to destroy them at your leisure.

With the death of the last enemy unit and the destruction of their last building, the mission ends. Your prism technology is safe.