RA2 Plot -- Allied POV

All is well in the Land of the Free. With the decisive defeat of the Soviets and the death of Stalin, America can get back to savoring the fruits of freedom: apple pie, baseball, and amber waves of grain. American intelligence operations, ever wary of the Russian threat since the war, has installed a puppet dictator in the U.S.S.R., General Romanov, head of the harmless World Socialist Alliance. The U.S. Department of Defense thinks little of a civil war that suddenly breaks out in Mexico -- for a long time, communist factions have stirred up trouble in the northern region -- and it's considered routine when Romanov's forces move in to quell the unrest and restore order to its WSA member country.

But strange things start happening to unsettle the complacent U.S. empire. Soon, the country's early-warning defense system shuts down. Hurrying to diagnose the problem, the Pentagon doesn't suspect Romanov might be the culprit until news reports begin trickling in. Reports tell of Russian troops spilling over the borders of Texas and California and establishing mysterious beacons at their gradually encroaching outposts. Civilians report cases of severe headaches and numbness, and those municipalities nearest the beacons relate that some citizens are falling into a zombie-like state of submission -- there are even reports of American civilians taking up arms along with the Soviet troops, forsaking their homeland for Mother Russia.

After some deliberation and debate, The president declares war against the Russian army in Mexico. The Pentagon moves for a decisive, contained nuclear strike to destroy the central base. The red phone rings in the War Room. The secretary of war issues the final order. The button is pressed. Nothing happens.

America's nuclear missiles sit useless in their silos. The Pentagon's central defense computer is dead. By now, intelligence sources confirm the worst suspicions: Romanov is orchestrating a strike against the U.S. using the most mysterious and terrifying technology to date: psychically-enhanced troops whose minds are as deadly as their AK-47s. Further reports verge on the fantastic: giant squids have attacked key U.S. battlecruisers off the California coast; zombie-like cows, laden with high-tech explosive devices, are converging en masse on Alamo Air Force Base in Texas.

Rallying its Army and Air Force -- as well as a few technological marvels of its own, the U.S. prepares to fight a war that will determine the fate of the country: stars and stripes forever, or the hammer and sickle flying wickedly triumphant over U.S. soil?

The exciting conclusion to this story is coming soon in YURI'S REVENGE