April 2001

 Westwood Leaves for LAN WAR 10!
Posted Thursday, April 26, 2001

Well the Westwood crew is off to Louisville, Kentucky for the LAN WAR 10 party! Be sure to check out the Emperor Community Forums for updates from the Westwood team and attendee's. Hopefully we'll see you there!

 Short Story Contest Winner!
Posted Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Just recently we hosted a short story contest for the fans of Red Alert 2. We would like to say "Congrats" to Xavier211 for his incredible story! Click on the link below to check it out!

The White Letter by Xavier211

 Westwood to Attend LAN WAR 10!
Posted Monday, April 23, 2001

This coming weekend, April 28th and 29th, Westwood Studios will be attending LAN WAR 10 in Louisville Kentucky. During this humongous LAN event, 420 event attendee's will have the chance to experience hands on game time with Emperor: Battle for Dune. This will be the first time that the public will get a chance to play the game and offer feedback too Westwood staffers. We'll be sure to keep everyone updated from the event with news posts and pictures! Hope to see you there!

Also if you have a LAN Party and would like to promote and increase your head, submit your event information to LAN PARTY COALITION!

 Red Alert 2 Map Pack 10 is Here!
Posted Monday, April 23, 2001

The latest Red Alert 2 map pack has arrived. In this download players will find never before seen official maps created by the Red Alert 2 team. Once the file is downloaded, simply run the RA2MAPPACK10.exe file and extract the files to your Red Alert 2 game directory (usually C:\WESTWOOD\RA2). Have Fun!!!

Click Here to visit our downloads section!

 Neuro Gamer Slogan Contest!
Posted Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Neuro Gamer has a kewl contest going on at their site! Below are some of the details:

Neuro Gamer: "We need YOU to create a slogan for us. It should be a sentence long and represent. Neuro Gamer All entries will be posted in our contest forum. The 5 best slogans will be chosen by the Neuro Gamer staff and put on our poll. After one week of the poll running the 5 entries, the creator of the winning slogan will receive a *game of their choice."

So don't delay, get over there and win some prizes!

 Game Spy gets Behind the Scenes!
Posted Monday, April 16, 2001

Game Spy has just posted their in-depth behind scenes preview on the filming of the Red Alert 2 expansion pack: Yuri's Revenge. There is a ton of information and photos of all the actors that you definitely don't want to miss.

Click Here to read the full scoop!

 Red Alert 2 Contest at Play Rage!
Posted Monday, April 16, 2001

Red Alert 2 fans are invited to sign up at the contest site Play Rage Contest to win one of two Commie Combo Packs.

Each Commie Combo Pack includes a copy of the smash hit game, Red Alert 2, the Prima Red Alert 2 Strategy Guide and DVD copies of “The Hunt for Red October” and “Red Dawn”. Red Alert 2 fans in the
U.S. must submit their entries before May 21, 2001 to qualify.

So don't delay, get over to Play Rage and enter today!

  Yuri's Revenge Announced!
Posted Friday, April 13, 2001


LAS VEGAS, April 9, 2001 - Following the phenomenal success of Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 2, Westwood Studios™ announced today it will release the official expansion pack this fall, Command & Conquer Yuri’s Revenge. The PC CD-ROM mission disk will be part of the EA GAMES™ brand from Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS).

Yuri’s Revenge is going to be the largest expansion pack in Westwood’s history, adding to the real-time strategy game new Allied units, new Soviet units, new single-player campaigns, new multiplayer features, new co-operative campaigns, an hour of filmed story sequences, and an entirely new side: an Army lead by the mysterious psychic warrior, Yuri.

In the original Red Alert 2, Yuri was a controllable unit on the Soviet side. For the mission disk, Yuri breaks from the Soviets and launches his own bid for world domination through psychic technology. Players will take command of a time-traveling task force and go back in time to unravel Yuri’s evil plot.

Click Here to read the full press release!

Also, check out Red Alert 2 Xtreme and Planet CNC for the latest updates on the expansion and Q&A's with the developers.

 Westwood's Growing RA2 Community!
Posted Tuesday, April 10, 2001

Be sure to check out CnC Strategy Center they have a ton of cool info that you don't want to miss!

Also, stop on by Planet C&C and check out their 400 plus files section on everything Command & Conquer! These files even date as far back as the original from 1995, WOW!

 Kari Wuhrer Concluded!
Posted Saturday, April 7, 2001

Thanks to everyone who attended the Kari Wuhrer chat. If you happend to have missed the chat, click on the link below to view the log file.

Kari Chat Log!

 Red Alert 2 Map Pack 9 is Here!
Posted Friday, April 6, 2001

The latest Red Alert 2 map pack has arrived. In this download players will find never before seen official maps created by the Red Alert 2 team. Once the file is downloaded, simply run the RA2MAPPACK9.exe file and extract the files to your Red Alert 2 game directory (usually C:\WESTWOOD\RA2). Have Fun!!!

Click Here to visit our downloads section!

 Red Alert 2 Chat with Tanya from Red Alert 2!
Posted Thursday, April 5, 2001

This Saturday, April 7th, from 11:00 - 11:45 AM PST Virtual Ted and Delphi will have the pleasure of hosting a Red Alert 2 chat with the lovely Kari Wuhrer (Aka Tanya) from Red Alert 2. Also, the hosts will be randomly picking folks out of the crowd and giving prizes. All you need to do is show-up and ask questions. More information will be posted here in the news section prior to the chat.

See ya There!

 Tournament Spotlight!!
Posted Thursday, April 5, 2001

We would like to say “CONGRATULATIONS” to the players listed below for making it to the top spot on the Red Alert 2 tournament/ladder system for March. These guys fought hard and deserve some recognition for their accomplishments.

April is upon us, now is your chance to get in there and fight for the #1 spot as the best player in the world, and win some killer prizes from the Westwood prize vault! Don't delay, the #1 spot awaits!

March Top Ranked Players


#1 Ranked Player: Frenchrmb
#2 Ranked Player: Laggman
#3 Ranked Player: Ara2rebel


#1 Ranked Player: Udtnosea
#2 Ranked Player: Aflyboat
#3 Ranked Player: Justomat

 RAX Takes Advantage of April 1st!
Posted Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Maniac from Red Alert 2 Xtreme had his own April fools joke for every one in the coummnity this weekend.
Click Here to check it out!

 News Flash!
Posted Monday, April 2, 2001

April Fool's! Harvard is alive and kicking, but we do appreciate all the e-mails and flowers sent in to the Studio. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did and look forward to many more exciting pranks! For fun we have included some real-life photos of Tesla technology in action. Enjoy!

A Tesla Coil test run! Look at the sparks fly!

A special thanks goes to Mark Bean and the guys over at Virtual Theater.com for the killer images above.

Posted Sunday, April 1, 2001

(Excerpt from the Las Vegas Daily - Sunday Edition)

Police report that at roughly 8:14pm on Saturday evening, a bizarre experiment conducted by a small group of engineering students from a local university went horribly wrong. The experiment, unauthorized by the University of Computer Studies in Las Vegas, resulted in the death of Harvard Bonin of Irvine, California. Three other onlookers were also burned over an average of 60% of their bodies before escaping the high-voltage currents that arced out of control.

“It's unfortunate that this kind of power and technology was available to a group of students to wield in a public neighborhood. I think that everyone here was so excited about their new toy that safety was completely overlooked."

The experiment, which was referred to by several people as a "tesla coil", was the project of Arthur Dent, a senior at UCS University. Dent, who happens to be a relative of the deceased, was convinced that he could build a device which mimicked something seen in
a videogame entitled "Red Alert 2". Bonin, who played a major role in creating the Red Alert videogame, flew to Las Vegas from his home in California at the request of Dent to witness the unveiling of the experiment by his cousin. Several other associates of Bonin,
including UCS students, and neighborhood onlookers were also present.

"At first, everything seems to be working. Blue electricity started to travel up and down this big metal pole in the driveway. Then, the people that were closest to the pole started to get back because the lighting was getting bigger and bigger. One of the (students) ran around the corner to go unplug it, but before they did the lighting started shooting at people, and one guy got hit really bad."

Bonin was rushed to St. Catherine's Medical Center, but was pronounced dead immediately after arrival. Three of Bonin's associates were also rushed to the hospital, and are currently in serious but stable condition.

The Tesla Coil device is not new technology. Early concepts were put into development in the 1940's by Nicola Tesla by the war department. The experiments were shut down however, as the devices which were built could not be "aimed" or controlled in a way that would make them feasible as a weapon. Police confiscated all related materials, including an industrial electric generator estimated to be worth roughly $25,000. The garage, house, and surrounding area were cordoned off following an investigation.

School officials deny any involvement in the incident, although one eyewitness believed that an educator hired by the school was present during the event.