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Where Things Go

You need to build a base in most of your missions. The first few missions don't allow you to create a lot of structures, so where you place them isn't that critical. In later missions, though, you'll have dozens of buildings. If you don't plan where you put them, you'll end up with a base that does more to help your enemy beat you than the reverse.

So, where do you place your structures?

Producers Up Front

Buildings that create units for you, meaning the Barracks and the War Factory, need to be placed up front in your base÷where they can send out units quickly. Because these structures create your army, they must be in position to send new troops directly to the front line. Nothing's worse than creating a new, desperately needed unit you could use to fight back a powerful enemy attack only to have it stuck in the back of your base.

Along the same lines, place a Service Depot up front, where your units can access it easily. Because your War Miners and Chrono Miners constantly move in and out of your base, also place your Refinery in front.

Fragile Structures in Back

Several structures, particularly your power supplies and special weapons, are either extremely vulnerable to attack or are targets for enemy attacks. These must be kept in the back of your base, away from a direct path from the enemy. Although your first Tesla Reactor or Power Plant probably will be placed up front to be near your first structures, place later ones well behind your other buildings. Your power supply is vital to the health of your base because most of your base defenses rely on it. Keep them behind your other structures so enemies can't target them.

This is especially true for the Soviet Nuclear Reactor; this massive structure is not only easily destroyed, it draws attention to your base when you build it. At the very least, place this structure as far away from your Barracks as possible. Special weapons, like the Weather Control Device or Nuclear Missile Silo, are targets for your enemies. Placing one of these structures at the front of your base is an invitation for your enemies to eliminate it quickly.