Operation: Blue Storm

"Prepare for leap in five ... four ... three ... two ... one ... now!"
One by one, Blue Team began disappearing in a bright blue flash. Jenkins, Duncan, Adam, then...

In reality, the leap took only 2.5 seconds, including phase shift back
into our dimension. We had just warped into the perimeter of the nuclear fusion reactor that powered the infamous Soviet Black Guard. The same Black Guard rumored to protect Romanov himself. According to Intel, this reactor powered the Tesla Coils that formed the impenetrable defensive line around the Kremlin. I still remember Operation: Red Rush.

About a month ago, after Allied forces took control of a five-mile
perimeter around the Kremlin, we began to build up a large force or various units. According to the plan, PRM's would knock out the Soviet sentry guns beyond the Coil perimeter. Then, Mirage's would line up around the outside while Grizzly's and IFV's fell into formation. The Mirage's would open fire on the Tesla Coils, knocking out some and fogging up the targeting system for others. The Grizzly's would then cover the IFV's as they ran in and deployed a battalion of GIs. While all of that was occupying the external defenses, an
elite team of Chrono Legionnaires would teleport behind the Coils and cover a SEAL team while they went in and captured Romanov. Everything went fine up until we phased back into reality.

I still have nightmares of what happened then. It all happened so
fast. Immediately Hopkins was ripped to shreds by a second line of sentry guns. Rolen saw the dog right before it jumped on him, going straight for his neck. I had never seen such a horrifying sight as the Siberian Husky snapped his jugular in two, bathing in my brother's blood. Before I had a chance to think, I heard a cry. I looked over at the SEAL team, and watched terrified as their bodies glowed brighter than the sun before crumbling into a pile of ashes. The Grizzly's were gone. Shreds of metal were all that were left. All of a sudden I heard a growl deep enough to have come from hell itself. I looked over and...

"Arnold! Quit dreaming and wake up!" I quickly regained my composition as I looked up.

"All right, Blue Team, here's the battle plan! Reconnaissance photos
show no signs of any defensive structures in the area. However, a battalion of Psi-Corps Troopers are garrisoned around the plant. A team of SEALs will provide a distraction for us. We will rendezvous with Green Team approximately three clicks south of the main fusion control center. We will then disable any antiaircraft weaponry in the perimeter, allowing a team of engineers to be paradropped in. They will set the plant to meltdown, at which time you will then jump to tactical command for debriefing. If at any point and time any one of us, Green Team, or the engineers come under the influence
of psychic control, that person is to be considered a member of the Red army and eliminated immediately. Any hesitation will result in failure of this mission. Understood!"

"Sir, yes sir!" We replied.

It seemed like hours, but there finally came a deafening explosion
north of our position. The SEALs had given us the signal. It was time to move out.

After we rendezvoused with Green Team, we proceeded to the control room. In order to successfully destroy any flak turrets, we had to walk there. About half way, Olson, Jackson, Michael, and a few from Green began complaining about some really bad headaches, upon which Sarge promptly told them to shut up and maintain radio silence. Everything was quiet until we arrived at the control room. GPS scans showed that we had eliminated all Soviet AA turrets. After a quick perimeter check, Sarge issued the all clear for the engineers to come in. Within minutes, a B-52 soared overhead, dropping a total of five techies. It had just reached a nearby ridge...

"Where's Jenkins! Where's..."
"Adam! Corolla, what are you..."
"Vape Corolla! He's picking of the techies!"
"I got him... Jackson, what are you..."
"Vape them all! They're Reds now! Vape them!"
"No! Michael, stop it now!"
"Richard, shoot! He can't hear you! Rich..."

Five minutes later, it was all over. Two engineers made it safely to
the control station. One lived to overload the reactor. A total of nine
Legionnaires from both Blue and Green Team had been erased. Only three of them had been controlled by Psi-Corps Troopers. After the techie was evacuated and the rest of us phased back to Tactical Command, we were debriefed on the situation. The mission was a success. The defensive line had fallen and an elite unit had, literally, caught Romanov with his pants down. We were all given field promotions and relieved from duty.

That was about one month ago. But for some reason Blue Team is being reassembled. The Allies are calling for soldiers who have had psychic encounters on the battlefield. I can only pray that it's for a documentary.