by The BlackAdder

Blind Man's Truth

For Dr. Jim Donovan, being an Allied technician was easy, he was the brain behind the Gap Generator and most of the newer Allied radar facilities. The hard part was making sure that nothing went wrong with his brainchildren.

Jim was put in charge of a secret Allied tech facility deep in Wyoming under orders to improve on the current Gap Generator so that more than a small handful of troops could be hidden. He had just gotten off an important call with Professor Einstein when a series of alarms drew his attention.

"What's going on?" he demanded as he ran to a radar display.

"Sir," the operator saluted him. The operator was a young man; in Jim's eyes he was a new recruit, someone who couldn't even hold a rifle without shooting a toe off. In actuality the man had over 20 confirmed kills. "Sir, it looks like the Reds have found us." There were 10 small blips approaching their location.

"Damn! Okay people this is a Red Alert, and it's not a drill!"
Soon the entire room was abuzz with activity, crewmen bringing Prism Towers online, others radioing Allied Command, still others rallying the few troops protecting the base.
Jim raised his voice over the din.

"Hey, I want a scout out there to see what we are dealing with. Radio the nearest base for air support, and lets see if we can get the Gap on before they can do anything."

The noise in the room escalated as anyone who didn't move fast enough knew that it meant their heads, very literally if the Reds got to them. Jim moved to the video link and called the nearest Commander for the air support he wanted.

"Jim, what is going on down there?"

"The Reds have found us Ian," an aide handed him a slip of paper. "And it looks like they are trying to build a base. We can't deal with their military strength. We need Harriers and fast, can you help?"

"Give us some details, Jim, for instance, where are they?"
"I don't have enough information at this time, just get over here!"

"We'll be there within the hour, over and out."

Dr. Donovan set to work trying to get his latest Gap model online. When he did, the Soviets had already set into motion the construction of their base and it was only a matter of time before they found out what was going on in his research lab.