A Story of a Conscript
by AmericanNinja

Today I am walking through the woods it is a hot day today. I am drenched in sweat.

We are on patrol for 8 hour shifts. So far the night has been quiet.

What's that?!?! As I aim the AK-47 at the bushes, I see him, he sees me!

It seemed like hours went by as I emptied the clip into the American G.I.

After the smoke cleared my comrades came running from their bunkers to see what happened.

When they saw I had shot a G.I., they all were happy and went running over to his body and started taking his watch all his "American" stuff. When I walked up to the body, I saw something sticking out for his top left shirt pocket. "What is this?" I say to myself as I take the piece of paper. It was a letter, this is what it said:

To My Beloved Wife whom I married just one week ago today, How I long to see your beautiful blue eyes and how I long to hold you in my arms.

Our Battalions have seen nothing but defeat by the Soviets.

My good friend John Cupton fell at the Mexican border. His death has been difficult to bear.

Today we get to try out two new units the "Mirage Tank" and the "IFV". Prayerfully these will help us in our fight against the Soviets.

Pray for me but most of all pray for the cause.

Your loving Husband,

Private First Class

Tears filled my eyes as I read the letter of the now dead G.I.

I feel so sorry because of what I had done, and I feel so much guilt .

Hopefully I can be as brave a soldier as he..............