Rocketeer Rescue

Based on A True Battle Fought by me as Commander

I was sitting in the barracks with jet pack next to me waiting for a Nighthawk transport to pick me up and drop me off at a base on a small island near the Dominican Republic. I hated getting transferred, losing all your buddies. Apparently, the Soviets began to construct a base in the Dominican Republic. It needed to be destroyed. Moments later one of my commanding officers stepped in the door and said, "it's time." Eight other men were being transferred on to the bird also.

We took off from Edwards Airforce Base in Tampa, Florida a few hours later the pilot yelled back to us "We are 16 minutes out from the LZ" (Landing Zone). 10 minutes later the pilot screamed "FLAK!" We rushed to the windows but we didn't see any black clouds of smoke or shrapnel. Then we looked down and saw three scorpion ships scurrying about below us and they began to fire. All of the passengers, including myself, braced ourselves. Shockwaves began hitting us from the explosions outside. Then we saw our base about three miles up ahead. When we hit the 1 marker we became damaged beyond repair. The Scorpions considered their jobs done and left us. We struggled that last mile but when we got to the LZ we were go for landing but the pilots lost control of the damaged Hawk. The pilot steered the hawk over the water and yelled get "Get the chutes were gonna jump" I tossed the two pilots chutes and hollerd back "You may need a chute, but the rest of us don't!" I threw on my jet pack slammed the door open and jumped. Immediately I activated my Pack and landed. Everyone else landed fine also.

The moment we landed we got the brief from a commander." Gentlemen, as you probably noticed this base isn't much look at. A few days ago the reds destroyed our Ore Refinery and we don't have enough funding to build a new one. It has appeared for some time now that the reds won. Until spy photographs revealed some thing. Those communist fools have no protection against an air offensive. Now, we are going to equip your packs with small missile launchers to take out tanks and structures. Your mission: destroy their entire base. We are dead in the water, sitting ducks. If those commies were to send a squad of tanks to attack us we would lose. That is why this mission must succeed or we lose the base. Any questions?" Nobody dared even move. The entire fate of the base would rest on the shoulders of nine rocketeers. Whoa!

At nightfall we put on our newly equipped Rocket Packs and flew toward the base. The first thing we did was to take out the barracks I got a lock with the new missile system and fired. 4 missiles destroyed the barracks! Only 4 of the 6-inch missiles! Tanks began rolling out where they had rested in a factory. Missiles and bullets began flying out of their chambers and the battle was on! Troops began running out and firing at use we began slaughtering them with our machine guns. 2 hours later the battle ended. I couldn't believe it. Nine Rocketeers saved an entire base from total destruction. We were all given silver stars for our actions. Then people began calling us the Rocketeer Rescue Squad.