Chrono Crush

I jumped, raising my head from the tactical report a Sergeant had brought before earlier. Lieutenant Davis, my tactical coordinator, stood there, hands on her hips, glaring at me.

"That's the second time I've had to call you, sir. We have a situation."
I put the report aside, it was time to listen up. "Go ahead, Michelle, what have we got?"

She walked across the room and pressed a button on the wall. The wall slid apart and a large TV screen was revealed. The Lieutenant sat down at a desk in front of it and began entering commands. The screen changed to display the local terrain. It then zoomed out to show the entire state of Arizona. I knew immediately from all the flashing red dots on the screen that something was very wrong.

"The Reds have made a surprise push into the state, sir," Davis began. "We didn't spot them until now because they managed to get a few psychic troopers inside and mind control our radar outposts. A harrier patrol found them twenty minutes ago, and I came straight here."

"No wonder that report was wrong," I said to myself.

"I'm sorry, sir, it gets worse," she began. "We've lost half of our own army, as well."

I nearly shouted in surprise. "What?"

"Yuri's trainee's have done their work a little too well, sir. They overtook the bases in Tucson and Phoenix. All we have is what is directly under your command here, sir."

I thought quickly. There was no way that I could defeat a force that was almost three times the size of the one I commanded. I needed another option, and quickly.

Two hours later, my option stood in my office, standing at attention.

"Captain Greg Hansen reporting as ordered, sir!"

I smiled, I liked the man already. Any soldier who could salute was a good one, in my book.

"Captain," I began. "I'm glad you're here. I personally requested that you and your squad come here. I have a mission for you, and it's not going to be easy."

"If the Commander will excuse my saying so, there is nothing that isn't easy for us, sir."

"Good man. I'm going to let Lieutenant Davis fill you in on the details. I need to plan and coordinate the movements of our tanks and infantry while you do your job."

I went outside after that. Standing on the front porch of my office, I looked out at the Captain's squad standing in the middle of the base quad. Their weapons reflected the noonday sun. I smiled and saluted them. They raised a hand to a masked face, in return, holding their neutron rifles against their shoulder.

I laughed then, the thought that had just occurred to me was perfectly ironic: The Red's wouldn't have time to fight back.

Evening was the perfect time for attack. I moved my army in from the west, directly in front of the setting sun. Anyone looking our way would hopefully be blinded while we had a perfect view. I sat back in my jeep, watching the soviet base through a pair of binoculars.

"Dirty Reds," I said to myself. "Just wait... there is no way you're taking my home."

Then in happened just as I was watching. Their ore refinery suddenly disappeared in a sparkling blue flash.

"That's the signal, " I said into my radio. "Attack!"

My army rolled forward. I watched the twin tesla coils defending the base disappear before we even made it halfway. By now Captain Hansen would have most of the tanks trapped inside the base, as well. My own tanks rolled into position and began firing. Shell after shell pounded into the enemy base, blasting concrete and armor alike into pieces.

The base recaptured, I raised the allied flag once more over the command building. Our engineers were hard at work repairing the damage we were forced to do taking the base back. The losses had been few, and the victory was complete. I knew this wouldn't be the last time I would call upon Captain Hansen and his elite Chrono Legionnaires.