Mission " No More"

The coldness of the Russian born snow fell upon every conscript's helmet that stood in the Seventh Soviet Division. Our duty was to protect our beloved Saint Basil's Cathedral. Yet worshipping God wasn't the only thing that was going on inside this holy place, but inside was the largest Soviet battle lab. Here, engineers and technicians were drawing out plans to make the tank that Americans have feared, the Apocalypse. Premier Romanov all personally debriefed us urged that we must guard the Cathedral with all of our strength. He guaranteed that we would be attacked, and would most likely die on our own lands, but he told us we died to defend our families, and our country, Mother Russia. I am a huge supported of world domination, and I especially want revenge on the Allies, who took my father to America, and jailed him for his support and causes during the Cuban Missile Crisis of America. Every conscript stood in silence, waiting for the American paratroopers to invade. Our breath rose in clouds onwards to the midnight sky. Tension sprang through each of the soldiers as we heard the faint hum of an America cargo plane. Several flak troopers then rose up to the front of the line, and readied their guns. We all waited in dead silence to see nothing fly across the skies above us. Many gazed up in the dark night sky, and many looked down and prayed to God. The flak troopers were still waiting to blow up American panes, but no one came. I stood at the front line praying to God that I would live through the night. My prayer was broke when I heard a single shot. The flak trooper in front of me fell over with a bullet hole in his chest. I fell to the ground underneath the fallen trooper as protection. I watched each flak trooper get picked off one by one. I yelled out," Snipers! Take cover!" Soon we heard the cargo planes fly over the cathedral. The Americans and British sent an allied invasion on us! They took out the flak troopers so they could send paratroopers in! Soon infantryman rushed in towards us. I took a flak gun, and started shooting down American planes. Many caught on, and took the flak guns and shot down the paratroopers, and their planes. Yet the Allied GI's still advanced towards the Cathedral. I opened a heavy fire, and I watched the allied soldiers drop like flies. But we were still out numbered, and many conscripts have died. Soon I heard a tank rumble behind me. I looked around and saw a whole line of Apocalypse tanks. They launched an attack, and took out the whole infantry, and with their air defense, they took down cargo planes. We all rejoiced and all cheered, " Hail Mother Russia! Death to America!" We were lucky that the Apocalypse tanks came in time. When dawn light cracked through the clouds, the snow covered ground was stained red from the lost soldiers form the skirmish from the night before. I was consulted by a lieutenant to go meet with Romanov again at the Kremlin.

There, Romanov told me that I served well for the Russian cause, and that he wanted to promote me to a three star Captain. My first order was to go to New York with our new Apocalypse tanks, and give American soil a taste of what Russian engineers and technicians brewed up for their surprise. I was sent with 100 conscripts, 50 Rhino Tanks, 30 Flak Tracks, and 50 Apocalypse Tanks. My mission: To destroy New York, and take over an allied battle lab located in Yankee Stadium. The allied forces have came up with plans for a weather controller, which can make a catastrophic lightning storm. My army division was flown to Libya , where we set off over the Atlantic Ocean to attack America. America's "Amber Waves" will now be blood red from the 250 transports that are approaching America. I had complete control over so many people and machines that a satellite picture showed a portion of red dots moving slowly across the Atlantic Ocean. Those red dots, were us, a disease that was spreading to America, to drop the American population to zero. We neared the Statue of Liberty. Everyone rushed to the windows look at the monument. I saw the statue's head get knocked off by a V3 rocket, and I watched the head tumble down. Her eyes looked out at the ocean, turning away from her country that lye in rubble, and burn in flames. A sudden crash made me come back to reality, we landed. The transport door opened, tanks, and infantry spread out onto the beach.

Allied armies were ready for us, and they began to fire upon us. Conscripts quickly scurried away to garrison nearby hotels, businesses, and other buildings. This was an all out battle for New York. A propaganda truck pulled up in a parking lot and a man's voice said," We want peace, go back to Russia, and your men shall live, stay, and your men will be slaughtered like the animals that they are." While this American fool was saying this to us, I ordered that all Apocalypse tanks to form a line on the beach. The propaganda truck still ran its mouth, so I ordered that we fire upon it first. It blew up in flames, and the Rhino Tanks moved forward, clearing the Grizzly Tanks out of the way. The Apocalypse line moved slowly forward, taking out anything in its path. The group of Rhino Tanks were completely wiped out by a group of Prism Tanks. Yet the Apocalypses took them out with a breeze. Yet the march onto Yankee Stadium was interrupted by an attack of Navy Seals. Yet the Flak Tracks cleaned the Seals up. We could see the stadium in our reach. There was going to be fireworks here, but not to mark the World Series, but to mark the end of freedom in the United States. I ordered that a group of conscripts go and search for possible snipers, and other hidden allies. There was a huge amount of trees in the middle of the parking lot, which was really unusual. I had the engineers remain ready to take over the battle lab. The Apocalypse tanks moved slowly towards the stadium, but suddenly, the trees ambushed us. It was those new allied mirage tanks! More, and more tanks came to defend the battle lab. We were greatly out numbered, especially when the German Tank Destroyers came. I lost all of the Rhino Tanks, but I managed to save the Apocalypse Tanks. I ordered all out war, and the Apocalypses took out all of the Tank Destroyers, and all of the Mirage Tanks. Victory to Mother Russia! We successfully took over Yankee Stadium, and all of the tanks were lined up, while one engineer marched toward the battle lab, and took it over. We stole the plans for the Weather Storm, and we destroyed them. We went on to burn down the city of New York, New York. My division went on to conquer the states of New York, Indiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. At the skirmish at Ft. Wayne, Indiana, I was shot in the back, and at the campaign at Detroit, Michigan, I was shot in the leg by a sniper. Since I served my country as a captain, I was granted a nine month stay with my family back in Moscow. I heard news of an attempted allied invasion on Moscow, to capture again, the St. Basil's Cathedral. I heard they called this attempt 'D-Day 2' except they didn't have the Russians to help them. I arrived at the tech airport in Moscow, and I walked to my house, which was extremely close to the airport, and the Cathedral. I could hear the clang of my son's truck, and I could hear the voice of my wife, with whom I cherished and missed with all my heart. I looked at the door, then at my uniform, which on my badge, my name was covered in blood. I looked back into the past, and I could perfectly see the cities in which I have fought at. I could see the ground covered in scarlet blood. I could see the burning cities, I could see again the eyes of the Statue of Liberty. I knew, I had fought for my country, and for my family. I wiped off the blood on my badge, and uncovered, 'Capt. Boris C. Iskarii'. I took a breath, and turned the handle. I lowered my head to the floor, and looked up. I looked down a black barrel of an allied GI. I was allowed no time to move. I could hear the click of the trigger, and I could hear the chamber revolve. I looked over at my son who was sitting by the fireplace playing with a red truck, and I peered over at my wife, who was tied up to a chair. I looked back into the barrel, and saw a splash of red, and then nothing