When it comes to RTS gaming, maps make the world go 'round. Just when you think you've mastered the game with some tried-and-true strategy, along comes a map with some terrain feature or design that your enemy is able to cleverly exploit that renders your sure-fire strat little more than a pipe dream as your Con Yard takes it in the chin from a squadron of Prism Tanks. Since Red Alert 2's much anticipated release, the Westwood team has kept up its commitment to the community by releasing multi-player maps every week, challenging RA2 fiends to find new strategies and tactics for online play. Now it's your turn. Westwood is proud to announce the release of FinalAlert 2. Westwood's new free map editor FinalAlert 2 Yuri lets you break out the toolbox and create your own maps for Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. The new editor improves upon the original Final Alert 2 map editor released back in June 2001. The map editor is both powerful and easy to use, and includes features like:

- Fexibility: Make maps of virtually any size

- Terrain editing tools let you create maps of every style -- fight from cliffs, terrorize a city, or go head-to-head on the high seas

- Intuitive interface makes map-making easier than ever before; robust toolbox allows you to create professional-level maps

- Easy-to-use trigger system breathes life into your maps with scripted events -- create a windfall of reinforcements or rain down enemy troops

- Share your map with the world. You can play your multi-player maps over Westwood Online

- Single-player map capability allows you to create new scenarios between the Allies and the Soviets

- Lighting editor lets you pick the climate and time of day, from a temperate morning to a snowy eve

- Sophisticated tools -- from toggling map visibility factors to making victory conditions -- allow you to create whole single-player campaigns.