All new locations to crush those who oppose you. Download these free map packs, each containing three new maps! Just copy the files into your RA2 directory when you unpack the zip file.

Map Pack Downloads

Map-pack #1

Deadman's Ridge (2 player)
A giant canyon that contains oil derricks and various patches of gold separates players. A concrete bridge has been centered in the map to connect both sides.

Rockets' Red Glare (2-4 players)
Players will find skyscrapers, houses, and a drive-in movie theater on this map. Resources are going to be tight so plan your build cue efficiently.

Oceanside (2-4 players)
Players will find themselves starting on land masses surrounded by water. There is a series of bridges connecting these land masses, which must be destroyed if naval ships are to pass by. Oil derricks can also be found scattered on islands throughout the maps.

Map-pack #2

Head for the Hills (2-4 player)
This map is set in a high desert region. Players will find a vast amount of wealth located in the center of the map. Bridges connect various plateaus that hold many oil derricks and gems.

Lost Lake (2-4 player)
A huge lake is found circling a good portion of the map. The island located in the center contains a vast cashe of oil derricks and gems. Four bridges located next to each player's starting point are the only access to the vast riches found on the island.

Happy Trails (2 player)
This is Westwood's holiday gift to fans. Players will find tons of goody crates and ore and gems on the Christmas tree in the center of the map. Also, gift crates spawn much quicker than normal maps.

Map-pack #3

Kaliforna (2-6 player)
Kalifornia is designed for urban combat with many roadways, office buildings, and civilian houses. Oil derricks are in abundance along with gem fields.

Breakaway (2-3 player)
Breakaway is a large land mass surrounded by water. In the center of the map players will find an airfield waiting to be captured.

Hail Mary (2 player)
This special map is set up like a sports stadium with opponents starting at opposite ends. To make things more exciting, the crowd will cheer on the combating players until there is one winner.

Map-pack #4

Brink of Disaster (2-4 player)
This map is set in a small town located in the mountains of Colorado. Players will find a moderate spread of gold and gems scattered across the map. Bases are by protected by rocky cliffs with limited access.

Arena (2-4 player)
This map is designed with players starting at an elevation higher than the rest of the city. There is one entry point into each of the bases, which can be easily defended. In the center of the map players will find a stadium surrounded by a huge wealth of gems. Players will also fine airfields and oil derricks scattered about.

Shrapnel Mountain (2-4 player)
Shrapnel Mountain features four unique starting points that can only be accessed by bridges. In the center of the map, players will find an airfield and oil derricks ripe for the taking.

Map-pack #5

Bay of Pigs (2-6 player)
Bay of Pigs takes place on a large tropical island set with many civilian structures and bunkers for players to garrison. Oil derricks and gold are spread moderately through out the map.

Russian Roulette (2-8 player)
Russian Roulette is an extremely large map set in the Siberian tundra. Two airfields are located in the center, with a few oil derricks in the vicinity.

Tanya's Training Ground (2-4 player)
This is one of Tanya's secret locations for training her Special Forces team. Players will find an abandoned Air Force command center located at the top of the mountain in the center of the map. Oil derricks can be found on the outer edges away from the main battlefield.

Map-pack #6

Streets of Gold (2-6 player)
Players will find gems and gold ore spread throughout the map in various patches. Also, this map contains a large waterway to move ships and supplies to various parts of the map.

Tsunami (2-4 player island map)
Each player will start off on his or her own private island (4 total). This is a great map for those who like having long naval battles.

Yuri’s Plot (2-4 player island map)
Yuri and his elite PSI core have set up a base of operations on this tropical island getaway. Many unsuspecting civilians are scattered about the map, unaware of the war about to be waged on their holiday/vacation turf.

Map-pack #7

Roundhouse Kick (2-4 player island map)
Players will start on an island located in the center of the map. A rock wall divider separates players from each other. This is a fast-paced map, so plan your strategies well.

Army of the Potomac (2-6 player)
This map takes place around the Potomac River in war-torn Washington DC. Players will find many bunkers, outposts, and tents covering the region.

Carville's Convoy (2-4 player island map)
During the Soviet invasion, General Carver had to move troops and supplies quickly through various regions in the US. This ordinary mountain pass in the Colorado Rockies became known as Carville's Convoy due to the amount of activity it received. To maintain security, General Carville ordered tech outposts built to keep watch over his much-needed supplies.

Map-pack #8

Powder Keg (2-8 player island map)
This 8-player map was created for those who enjoy the art of urban combat. Players will find vacant buildings all throughout the map with a stockpile of gems in the center.

Dust Bowl (2 player)
Set in the small mining town of Gold Strike, players will find a moderate supply of gold ore, oil, and cows surrounding each of the starting points. Be careful as the townsfolk of Gold Strike do not take kindly to strangers.

Tower of Power (2-4 player map)
This map was designed for battle. Each player will start out in one of the 4 corners of the map. Located in the center, players will find a perfect space well suited for base production. The best part, is a spot located on a hill and surrounded by a moat. Your opponents will have a difficult time moving ground forces toward you if properly defended.

Map-pack #9

New Heights (2 player)
This small 2-player map is great for short battles and skirmishes.

Valley of Gems (2-4 player)
Valley of Gems is rich with a vast amount of wealth. Players should have no problem building up large ground and naval forces to battle their opponents.

Death Trap (2-8 player)
This tropical paradise is full of wealth and real estate. This will be a great opportunity to assault your opponent from both ground and sea.

Map-pack #10

The Bermuda Triangle (2-6 player)
Bermuda is unique in that random weather storms appear on various parts of the map. Also, many tall buildings and hourse surround each of the player starting positions, making it tough to place structures out in the open.

Meat Grinder (2 player)
Meat Grinder is a fast paced map with good defense posts for base protection. The area is also rich in oil and gems making huge ground and naval battles possible.

Map-pack #11

Pacific Heights (4 player)
Pacific Heights is a great map with tons of real estate for expansion. Players will find plenty of civilian buildings and oil derricks to capture.

Killer Instinct (3 player)
Killer Instinct is designed for players with short games in mind. The island is small with three starting locations on the outskirts and an airfield in the center.

Map-pack #12

Loaded Barrel (2 player)
A fast paced two-player map that is limited in resources but abundant with many buildings to garrison.

Sea of Isolation (4 player team map)
A great team based map rich with resources. A giant lake separates both sides from quick rushes.