So you've gunned, bombed, launched, zapped and stealthed your way through the single-player campaign. Think you're bad?

Prove it.

The place to do it is Westwood Online, Westwood Studios' free multi-play service that allows you to pit your skills against a worldwide community of fellow gamers. And when the smoke clears and a victor emerges -- hey, you just might have made a new friend.

Intense online play is only the half of it. With a free Westwood Online membership, you'll get a load of perks and privileges as well. The club newsletter and special bulletins, for instance, will keep you up to date on what the Red Alert 2 development team is up to, whether it's map packs, patches or mods.

A membership will also get you a discount on Westwood Studios games and merch like hats and T-shirts, as well as participation in online contests and drawings, and -- if you've ever wondered how these Westwood guys come up with their ideas -- online conferences with the creators of your favorite Westwood games. Best of all, you'll get the scoop on upcoming Westwood games and maybe even the opportunity to beta test them. Finally, you'll get access to live online technical support, where you can speak directly to customer service team members.

But back to fragging your friends online at Red Alert 2. Red Alert 2 with Westwood Online boasts a veritable Kirov full of game modes, including:

Battle: The default game in which you can ally with other players and go for a cooperative victory. With alliances, you share map intelligence as well as the spoils of victory.
Free For All: It's you against the world. You've got no friends, no family -- just an MCV and your wits.
Unholy Alliance: Why choose sides? In Unholy Alliance, you start with both an Allied and a Soviet MCV, allowing you to build on both tech trees. Opens up new strategic possibilities for sneaky and devastating combo attacks.
Megawealth: No miners here, just a bunch of Oil Derricks waiting for your Engineers to move in.
Land Rush: With the Shroud removed, players begin with an MCV in mid-battlefield with power crates liberally strewn about the map. The faster you set up your base, the more goodies you're likely to get. Move it, soldier!
Meat Grinder: Ah, the wars of yesteryear when there weren't such things as Iron Curtains and Weather Control Devices. In this variation, players duke it out with nothing more than tanks and infantry.
Naval War: Players must fight from a small islands, relying on naval strategies to seize victory.
Cooperative: In this mode, you can play through a specially designed campaign cooperatively with a friend.

Rounded out by more maps than you can shake a Tesla Coil at, whether they're created by Westwood designers or the RA2 community, Westwood Online is the place to wage your war.