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Allied Units

United States: Paratroopers
American Paratroopers are identical to those gained by capturing a Tech Airport. Essentially, they’re just a group of normal GIs who can be airdropped anywhere on the map. The difference is that the United States begins creating Paratroopers as soon as they build and place an Air Force Command. This means the Americans can start dropping troops throughout the map early in the battle, and can get a jump on garrisoning structures close to enemy bases. They may not seem very exciting, but eight GIs in the right place can seriously damage an enemy army.

Korea: Black Eagle Jets
The Korean military prides itself on its air force, and the Black Eagle is why. These jets are about twice as powerful and twice as tough as the normal Harrier jet, but cost the same amount of money. The Korean army wins through the air. If you opt to play as the Koreans, build these jets as quickly as possible. They can quickly overwhelm anyone who hasn’t built enough air defenses—and, early in the game, few people have.

Great Britain: Snipers
The Snipers of Great Britain are, for all intents and purposes, the same as Tanya without the ability to destroy buildings or swim. They carry a long-range, high-powered rifle that kills off enemy infantry with a single shot. No infantry is safe with a Sniper on the job. A single one can reduce a mass of enemy infantry to a mass of corpses in just a few seconds.

France: Grand Cannons
The French army is the only one without a special unit. Instead, the French army features the Grand Cannon, a massive base defense that launches a high-powered projectile a huge distance. This incredible gun is capable of tearing through any ground-based unit quickly, killing off even powerful Apocalypse Tanks in just a few hits. Although its rate of fire is slow, the raw power it brings to the table is nothing to sneeze at. Grand Cannons have a minimum range, which means they can’t turn their massive gun on enemies that get too close. Build walls and Pillboxes around your Grand Cannons to keep infantry at a distance.

Germany: Tank Destroyers
No vehicle is safe from the rapid-fire of Tank Destroyers. They’re virtually useless against enemy infantry and structures, but Tank Destroyers are incredibly fast at eliminating vehicles. A small group can completely destroy an enemy tank rush and roll away virtually unscathed. Used with anti-infantry and a few anti-air units, these units are close to unstoppable.