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Soviet Units

Russia: Tesla Tank
The last logical extension of Tesla technology is to put it on treads. Behold! The Tesla Tank! Armed with a powerful Tesla Coil, this vehicle packs about the same punch as the base defense, but offers the ability to move, too. A group of Tesla Tanks can blast through enemy structures in moments and will destroy enemy vehicles and infantry just as quickly. Pair them with Flak Tracks, and you've got a group that can destroy whatever it encounters.

Iraq: Desolator
The Desolator is a one-man wrecking crew. Encased in a huge radiation suit, this unit charges around the battlefield frying enemy infantry with his radiation weapon. Not as useful against heavily armored vehicles, the Desolator can still cause a good amount of damage to lightly armored enemies. Even better, when the Desolator deploys, he creates a large area of radioactivity that obliterates any infantry unlucky enough to be caught in his radius.