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Each of the special units, while powerful, has a good counter. When you spot an enemy special unit, use the following to eliminate them:

Special Unit Counter
Paratroopers Flak Track, Flak Trooper, IFV
Black Eagle Flak Track, IFV, Patriot Missile, Flak Cannon
Sniper Flak Track, IFV
Grand Cannon Rocketeer, Harrier, Kirov
Tank Destroyer Tesla Trooper, Rocketeer, Deployed GI
Tesla Tank Rocketeer, Harrier, Kirov
Terrorist GI, Conscript, IFV, Flak Track, Flak Trooper
Demolition Truck

Prism Tank, Apocalypse Tank, Rocketeer,

Deployed V3 Launcher, Rocketeer, any Tank

More Special Units

Spies have the ability to sneak into many enemy structures. One of the most useful is the Battle Lab. When you get a Spy into an enemy Battle Lab, you gain the ability to create a new infantry unit. There are four possibilities.

The most basic tactic is sneaking an Allied Spy into a Soviet Battle Lab. Do this, and you will be able to build Psi-Corps Troopers. These are effectively Allied Yuris, and behave exactly the same way. They’re nice to have, particularly if the enemy is using Yuris against you.

Get an Allied Spy into the Battle Lab of an enemy Allied army and you get the ability to create Chrono Commandos. These units are loads of fun and extremely useful. They move across the map like Chrono Legionnaires, but otherwise act like Navy SEALs. They can use C4 on any nearby structures and kill infantry instantly.

A slightly more esoteric unit comes about when a Soviet player gains the ability to create Spies and gets one into an Allied Battle Lab. The new unit is the Chrono Ivan, a combination of a Chrono Legionnaire and a Crazy Ivan. This unit has all of the abilities of Crazy Ivan, but also can chrono across the map.

The rarest unit is gained by getting a Soviet Spy into a Soviet Battle Lab. The result is Yuri Prime, a super-powered Yuri unit so deadly you can only have one at a time. Yuri Prime is really no different from a normal Yuri unit, but his range is much farther; he’s effective at about the range of a British Sniper, or almost a full screen away.