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Using Special Weapons

The Nuclear Missile Silo and the Weather Control Device are essentially one-trick ponies. You can use them to destroy a large portion of the enemy base and several of their units quickly. This isn’t the case with the Iron Curtain and the Chronosphere, both of which are a little more versatile than their more destructive counterparts. These two devices can be used both defensively and offensively for some very entertaining and destructive tricks.

Chronosphere Tricks

Of the special weapons, the Chronosphere has a few more fun possibilities, and can be used offensively in a few more ways. Most people think of the Chronosphere as a way to take their own units and put them somewhere else on the map. However, there are some interesting possibilities if you use the Chronosphere on an enemy. Consider the following:

Grab attacking enemy tanks and drop them into water, destroying them instantly.
Along the same lines, grab an enemy navy and drop it on land. Again, this destroys the units instantly.
When playing a free for all, grab one player’s units and deposit them in the middle of another player’s base. You’ve created a mini war and weakened two enemies at once.
As a last-ditch defense, infantry units affected by the Chronosphere are killed instantly. You can use this to break up a rush of enemy infantry.

Of course, there’s a way to chrono infantry safely. Any infantry unit can be safely chronoed if it’s inside a vehicle. So, a Spy in an IFV or a group of GIs in a transport can be chronoed across the map without damage. This is a great way to move hordes of infantry from place to place.

Iron Curtain Tricks

The Iron Curtain makes whatever it affects invulnerable for roughly 25 seconds. This is pretty useful, and it’s a great way to start off an attack, since it gives you a good chance to whittle down the enemy defenses or blast through some of their units without taking any damage yourself. There are a few other ways to use the Iron Curtain, though.

You can Iron Curtain buildings as well as units. If a particular building is coming under attack, you can protect it with the Iron Curtain while moving in units to destroy the threat.
As with the Chronosphere, the Iron Curtain instantly kills any infantry unit in its area of effect. It can be used to slaughter enemy infantry if you’re desperate.
This may not seem like a useful tactic, but you can also use the Iron Curtain on enemy vehicles. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to do this when they’re attacking you, but you may find it useful to use the Iron Curtain on the vehicles of one player attacking a second player.
Listed above is the idea of using the Iron Curtain on Demolition Trucks (see the tip under "Libya: Demolition Truck"). How about using Terror Drones? You’ll give them a good 25 seconds or so to tear up enemy vehicles, and they’ll come out just as strong as they were when they went in.
Consider using the Iron Curtain on Rhino Tanks instead of Apocalypse Tanks. True, an invulnerable Apocalypse Tank is a force to be reckoned with, but Rhino Tanks are still plenty powerful, and are fast enough to reach more targets.

The invulnerability created by the Iron Curtain is a true offensive weapon. You should use it as such. Don’t be afraid to try something new with it. Use it both to increase your own power and to foil your enemies.