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Other Important Reminders

Playing against other human opponents, whether with allies or as a free for all, offers some unique challenges. You have to change your mindset and get used to the idea that your opponents are going to be unpredictable and will try things that a computer opponent wonít.

One such tactic is the Engineer rush. If you start with a decent amount of money, you can quickly and easily create your basic structures, including a Naval Yard, a single transport, and a group of three or four Engineers. Load up the Engineers and find an enemy base, which will still be in the early stages of development, just like yours. With luck, you can get the transport in, deploy the Engineers, and steal a building or two before the enemy reacts. At such an early stage, they arenít likely to have much in the way of base defenses, and their starting vehicles and troops likely canít handle a good-sized group of Engineers. Take an enemyís Construction Yard early in the mission, and youíve crippled them permanently, especially if you sell it off right away.

Naturally, the fact that you can pull off an Engineer rush in the first few minutes means that you also need to guard against it. Build base defenses early, keep a few good anti-infantry units around your base early on, and keep looking for suspicious enemy vehicles.

You can also expect enemy players to create intelligent and powerful attack groups. A computer player may not come up with the tactic of running IFVs with Tan's and pairing these vehicles with Tank Destroyers, but you can bet another human player will. So, your defenses need to be even tighter. You need to keep Attack Dogs around your base to prevent Spies from attacking your vulnerable structures at all times. Wall off important buildings when you can, and keep those walls repaired.

When an enemy player is attacking your base, queue up walls in your Build menu. As soon as the enemy breaks through a wall section, drop the new one down and start building more walls. This is frustrating for your enemy, and buys you time to get your units into position to counterattack. If you need base defenses quickly, concentrate your efforts on Pillboxes or Sentry Guns. Both can take a pretty good pounding, and theyíre cheap and quick to build. By the time the enemy has successfully dealt with one Pillbox, you have time to get another one, or even two, down and ready to go. And because these donít rely on your power, you donít run the risk of shutting off your entire power grid.

Because other players will attack your base with Engineers more frequently than a computer opponent will, itís a good idea to have a stock of Engineers on hand to take your buildings back if theyíre captured. Itís also a good idea to build an MCV as quickly as possible and move it off to a remote location. If your base is destroyed or your Construction Yard is captured or eliminated, youíre still in the game.

Human players are also more likely to use large amounts of Terror Drones. These can be tough to deal withóbut if youíre careful, you can take most of them out before they attack your vehicles. When a Terror Drone gets inside one of your vehicles, pull the unit back to a Service Depot if thereís one close enough. Otherwise, have your other vehicles force fire on the affected unit. If the Terror Drone kills the vehicle, itíll leap out to attack again. If the vehicle is destroyed another way while the Terror Drone is inside, the Drone is destroyed with the vehicle. Cut your losses and destroy the vehicle yourself.

Multiplayer games tend to go longer than single-player games, or even skirmish games. You need a good force of miners at the start of the game to keep the money rolling in. In fact, you should build two or three miners before you start creating tanks. Toward the end of the game, though, thereís very little ore left on the map. You donít need the massive force of miners you started the game with. At times like these, you can sell back your Chrono Miners by moving them onto a Service Depot and using the Sell button. Youíll get $700 for each one, or the price of a Grizzly Tank, not a bad trade for a unit that has no function when thereís no ore around. You should probably keep a couple of miners to continue picking up the ore generated by mine drills (see Chapter 4 for more information on Mine Drills).

If youíre in a difficult starting position, like the center of the map, itís a good idea to create multiple producing structures. Having a Barracks at either end of your base allows you to create troops in either one, wherever theyíre most needed. This saves you the hassle of constantly rerouting your troops. All you need to do is change which structure is your primary building.

The Psychic Sensor is a greatly overlooked building, particularly in multiplayer. Nothing is better for detecting sneak attacks on your base. Every Allied player will build the Spy Satellite, which reveals the entire map, allowing the player to see attacks on the way. If youíre playing as the Soviets, you should do the same with the Psychic Sensor, which reveals the targets of incoming enemy units.

The next idea is a little sneaky, but it works. Stick a powerful unit like a Yuri or a Tanya behind a building where he or she is difficult to spot. Enemy units will move through and be targeted by your unit, and youíll often score a kill or two before the enemy realizes what is going on.

Finally, keep your eye out for power-up crates. They appear randomly throughout the map, and their effects are random, as well. You may get something as unexciting as a firepower or armor upgrade (which is quite worthwhile if you pick up the crate with an Apocalypse Tank), but some crates are extremely valuable. Some contain money, while others contain units. Thereís nothing like a free War Miner or Apocalypse Tank, especially if you grab it in the back of an enemyís base.

Crates also appear in the water. You can get these with ships, or with a Tanya. Donít let crates go to waste. Grab them with anything you can. Chrono Legionnaires, NightHawks, and other fast units are excellent for this task.