Allied Update - Yuri Lives!

After the dolphins cleared out the Soviets' giant squids, the Allies sent in the amphibious transports and sweet hell broke loose. Mirage and Prism Tanks rolled over the island, pounding away at sentry guns and blowing away Tesla coils like they were saplings. With the ground cleared on this unmapped island in the Florida Keys, the one hope for an Allied victory was built: a highly experimental Chronosphere. While it was under construction, Allied forces still had to beat back persistent Soviet forces intent on stopping the Chronosphere from coming online.

But it did. When the tech engineers finally fired it up, the destination was set for the heart of the Red Menace: the Kremlin in Moscow.
It went down in history as the world's first full-scale invasion via time warp. Grizzlies and Prism Tanks thundered through the cold cobblestone. streets of Moscow while Rocketeers zipped across the sky, scouting ahead for the special forces team -- including one very angry Tanya -- to go in and capture Premier Romanov.
As expected, he was cowering in the Kremlin beneath his desk. Romanov was taken to England, where the contrite premire signed a peace treaty that effectively dismantled the Soviet war machine.
But where was Yuri?

The elusive psychic mastermind had slipped through the fingers of U.S. forces.

Now Allied generals have received intel that Yuri didn't exactly retire. In fact, while the U.S. was tangling with Romanov, Yuri had abdicated to forge his own schemes for world domination. Looks like he wasn't happy playing second in command to the obnoxious Romanov.

It looks like Yuri is finally getting his way. Intel reports tell of mysterious structures popping up worldwide from the California coast to the sands of Egypt. Civilians, apparently under the influence of Yuri's mind-control, have willingly joined his standing army.

Fortunately, the Allies have a few technological tricks up their sleeves as well. President Dugan has enacted "Operation Time Lapse," a plan to beat back Yuri's forces with radical new technology, seasoned soldiers, and a battle-hardened general like you.