Soviet Update - Yuri Lives!

A strong mind and a strong will -- is it any wonder that Yuri wanted so much? But his ambition was his undoing -- turning against Romanov and breaking off with the armies of Mother Russia to plot his own path to supremacy. The insolence. The selfishness. The stupidity! But it worked.

While the Allies grappled with Soviet forces in the heartland of Russia, storming the Kremlin to capture Premier Romanov, Yuri was hard at work. He and his team of crazed scientists developed terrifying new branches of mind control technology and genetic manipulation. Rumors abound: disembodied, psychic-enhanced brains piloting tanks, robot drones specializing in mind-melting biological warfare, and humans mutated to monstrous proportions.

Now Premier Romanov's office is receiving reports that Yuri is once again on the rampage, building mysterious structures from the coast of California to Egypt. The Allies have reportedly begun a campaign to travel back in time to pre-empt Yuri's plans.

If the premier's operatives could somehow get their hands on the Allied Chrono technology, perhaps they could short-circuit Yuri's plans and help Premier Romanov make one more bid for world domination....

Romanov must act fast. As long as Yuri is at large, he is a threat to Romanov's plans. Not plans for a lasting peace with the Allies. The treaty means nothing. Yuri must be destroyed. Then the Allies will be the ones signing a treaty -- a treaty of surrender.