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Construction Yard
Cost: 0 Armor: Heavy
Application: Produces all structures for Yuri

The Construction Yard is the heart of your base, the key structure that allows you to build all other buildings from walls to the Psychic Dominator. Protect it well, as building another will take time and money.


Bio Reactor
Cost: 600 Armor: Light
Application: Generates power needed to run all of Yuri's structures.

The Bio Reactor is Yuri's standard power plant. However, Yuri cannot live on electricity alone, and must feed the Bio Reactor with infantry units to get additional energy to meet his base's voracious power needs. Up to five infantry units can provide extra "battery" power for a Bio Reactor, providing the building with up to an additional +20 in power. Thus a Yuri player would do well to go on the offensive early to harvest enemy units and save himself a few credits that might otherwise be spent on another Bio Reactor. Note that the units placed inside the Bio Reactor do not die; in fact, if a Bio Reactor is destroyed, the freed units will appear, instantly controllable by their original owners.

Cost: 500 Armor: Light
Application: Produces all of Yuri's infantry units.

Built in his image, Yuri uses the barracks to produce members of his Psychic Army.

Slave Miner
Cost: 1500 Armor: Heavy
Application: Processes ore to produce money.

Yuri needs ore too, and his way of getting it is through the Slave Miner. A mobile refinery with five mind-controlled units, the Slave Miner finds an ore patch, parks itself and turns into a refinery. Then it releases its Slaves, hapless civilians turned into miner-zombies by Yuri's psychic technology. Since the Slave Miner is also a refinery, Yuri's base is freed from having a vulnerable Refinery in it. However, that makes it that much more important that he guard his Slave Miner against attack. If a Slave is killed, the Slave Miner will automatically generate a replacement.

Citadel Walls
Cost: 100 Armor: Medium
Application: Prevents enemy movement into base.

Even Yuri appreciates the value of a good, basic, no-frills defense, and that Citadel Wall provides it, protecting the base from infantry and vehicles foolhardy enough to venture near.

Tank Bunker
Cost: 300 Armor: Medium
Application: Increases unit armor and power.

The tank bunker is Yuri's answer to defense against tanks. A specially designed protective structure for tanks, the Tank Bunker protects armored units while still allowing them to fire on enemy targets. They even get an attack bonus; the result is a powerfully armored stationary tank that isn't easily routed. Fill a few Bunkers with Lasher tanks and you'll understand. Units inside a Tank Bunker are vulnerable to air fire, however, so keep an eye on your AA defenses.