Initiate :: Yuri Engineer :: Brute :: Virus :: Yuri Clone

Cost: 200 Armor: None
Weapons: Psychic Blast Bolt
Structure needed to produce: Barracks
Application: Anti-infantry and can garrison buildings.

Yuri's basic combat soldier has all the firepower he needs in his highly developed brain, which allows him to fire a powerful Psychic Blast that can give enemy infantry, vehicles and even structures a serious headache. While his range is shorter than that of Allied or Soviet infantry, his damage rating is slightly higher, making him an excellent defense unit when garrisoned. He's three times as expensive as the Soviet Conscript, and can't deploy into a fortified position like the Allied Grunt, but when used craftily, the Initiate can make the enemy beg for Tylenol.

Yuri Engineer
Cost: 500 Armor: None
Weapons: Defuse Kit
Structure needed to produce: Barracks
Application: Can capture enemy facilities and auto repair friendly buildings.

Sure, his only weapon may be a clipboard and pocket protector, but the Yuri Engineer is not to be underestimated as both an offensive and defensive unit. If you're low on cash to repair your structures, send an Engineer into the building for a quick repair (note that the unit is "lost"). More importantly, Engineers can help turn the tide of battle by capturing neutral tech buildings that often dot the battlefield. Capturing an airport gives you the ability to produce paratroopers, which you can drop every few minutes to a selected location on the map. Capturing hospitals creates a center at which to heal wounded infantry units. Capturing an outpost turns it into a repair facility with defenses against both air and ground attacks.

But perhaps the most important tech building to capture is the oil derrick, which will boost your credit flow while occupied (plus a "finder's fee" upon first capture). An often overlooked way to ramp up your base's finances, oil derricks can mean the difference between biting your nails while you wait for ore miners to come home and building that weather-control device. On maps with lots of oil derricks, scout your Engineers early with a few tanks and attack dogs.

Best off all, however, is using the Engineer as an offensive unit against your enemy's base. After taking out perimeter defenses with tanks and ground units, try sending in a detachment of engineers into enemy structures. As soon as they've taken the buildings, cash in on a frenzied sell-off

Cost: 500 Armor: Flak
Weapons: Big fists
Structure needed to produce: Barracks
Application: Anti-vehicle and anti-infantry unit immune to mind control and dogs.

This hulking genetic monstrosity was created by Yuri's twisted scientists as a walking wall of undescribable force. Since he can take a lot of damage and is completely devoted to Yuri's cause, the Brute has no problem mixing it up on the battlefield while bullets are zipping and missiles flying. He can also smash infantry and use his meaty fists to destroy buildings. The Brute laughs at dog attacks and is immune to any and all Allied K9 forces. While many vehicles will boast a speed advantage over the Brute, they're at his mercy when grouped together. Get a Brute in an enemy base and he can wreak serious havoc.

Cost: 700 Armor: None
Weapons: Viral Dart Gun
Structure needed to produce: Barracks, Psychic Radar

Application: Anti-infantry


This female mercenary is a seasoned sniper who fires virus-filled darts at her enemies, causing them to swell up and then explode in a toxic cloud of gas, which in itself damages nearby units and buildings. It's not pretty, but it's effective -- a Virus is excellent for use as a remote "tenderizing" unit against tightly grouped infantry formations as the gas from one victim will damage the others, softening them up for a closer-range assault. Virus is effective against infantry units only; but strategically positioned outside an enemy base, she can thin the ranks considerably.

Yuri Clone
Cost: 800 Armor: None
Weapons: Mind Control
Structure needed to produce: Barracks, Psychic Radar

Application: Anti-infantry and anti-vehicle via mind control.


The Yuri Clone's only weapon is his scientifically altered brain, which can control most organic units and even vehicles, Miners, Dogs, and aircraft. Since his range for mind control is quite long, situate him outside an enemy base to aggravate your opponent by controlling powerful units within his own walls. Be sure and protect Yuri well with tanks and infantry, however, as an overdeveloped brain is no match for a pack of snarling Attack Dogs. His second attack, the Psi-Wave, creates a mind-melting energy blast, useful for taking out enemy infantry en masse -- if they're close enough.