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As you saw in Chapter 4, one of the most important basic strategies to help ensure victory-whether you're playing as the Allies or the Soviets-is attacking enemy miners. This is just one aspect of attacking that will help you succeed. In every mission, for both the Allies and the Soviets, you can't win without attacking at some point. When playing a multiplayer game, attacking is the only way to eliminate your opponents. If you learn how to attack well, you greatly increase your chances of winning a mission or a game.

Mixing Units

Every unit has both a weakness of it own and a good counter in the enemy's army. Grizzly Tanks and Rhino Tanks are powerful and can tear through enemy vehicles, but they have a difficult time killing enemy infantry. V3 Launchers have great range and hit hard, but they're fragile and their missiles don't track moving enemies. Rocketeers can slaughter anything on the ground, but enemy flak kills them in bunches.

The lesson to learn here is that your attack groups should never consist of a single unit type. All of your attacks should contain at least two unit types, and any more than that would be helpful. A group of Grizzly Tanks is made much more powerful with the addition of just a couple IFVs. Throw a couple Rocketeers, some Prism Tanks, and a group of GIs into the mix, and you've got a group that's difficult to stop and that can likely destroy a good portion of the enemy base.

The only units that can stand on their own are Apocalypse Tanks. They can blast through enemy armor in a single salvo, kill infantry better than most heavy vehicles, and can also protect themselves against aerial attacks. However, even these behemoths are better with a few Flak Tracks and Tesla Troopers to back them up.

In short, your attack groups should be set up sort of like your base. Plan for every possible contingency. If you don't plan a defense against air attacks, your attack can be stopped by air power. If you don't have the ability to stop infantry, infantry can stop you.