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Tech Structures

There are four types of tech structures: Tech Airports, Tech Outposts, Tech Derricks, and Tech Hospitals. Each has its own use and each is worth taking. These structures always start out neutral, so when you find these on the map, take them, guard them, and use them.


Mentioned earlier, Tech Derricks are a source of income. Capturing one gives you an initial burst of $1,000, and returns about the same amount of money every minute or so. These are a great way to supplement your income. Make sure that, when you take them, you have the units to defend them.


The Tech Hospital is extremely useful if you plan on using infantry (and you should). When you capture this structure, you'll be able to send injured infantry there to be fixed up. Once fully healed, your men are deployed from the hospital, ready to fight again.


In essence, the outpost is a hospital for vehicles, or a Service Depot located out in the wilderness. This structure can repair any of your damaged vehicles free of charge. Even better, once captured, an outpost obtains a small gun that it uses to defend itself against minor threats. The Tech Outpost also has an anti-air defense.


This is arguably the most useful of any of the tech structures. When captured, this building creates groups of Paratroopers that can be deployed anywhere on the map. Allied planes drop a group of six GIs, while Soviet planes drop nine Conscripts. In both cases, these units are essentially free, and become available every few minutes. There's no limit to the number of Paratroopers you can create throughout the course of the mission. In mulitplayer, if an American Player captures a Tech Airport, he gets a second group of paratroopers. This is in addition to the special Airborne group (eight GIs) that he gets when he builds and Air Force Command.

Although you can deploy Paratroopers anywhere, it pays to use some caution. If a transport plane carrying Paratroopers is shot down before ejecting the troops inside, you lose the troops along with the plane. Then, you have to wait for the Paratroopers to become available again.