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The Importance of Garrisons

Perhaps no other basic strategy is as important to your success as garrisoning buildings with GIs or Conscripts. There are tremendous benefits, in terms of both offensive and defensive power, and no drawbacks. Grabbing and keeping neutral structures affords a strong defense for your base and your units and gives you a significant advantage in attacking.

Using Garrisons

Only GIs and Conscripts can garrison÷no other infantry units. Garrisoning and occupying a neutral structure allows the units inside to fire with considerably more power. The more units inside the building, the more firepower they can concentrate on a single target. Enemy infantry goes down in a second or two, while vehicles are destroyed in just a few moments.

Even better, your units can't be attacked directly. To reach your units, the enemy must first damage the building into the red. This will force your units out of the building to fend for themselves. However, while the enemy is attacking the building, your troops inside are attacking the enemy. It takes a lot of firepower to knock out a large garrisoned structure. Even a small, fragile structure (a hut or small tent) takes a good amount of damage before being destroyed.

Damaged neutral structures can be repaired with an Engineer. Although not every building is worth repairing, ones near your base or overlooking an enemy position are well worth the price of an Engineer to keep.

Destroying Garrisons

So if garrisons are so powerful, how do you get rid of them? Fortunately, each army has several weapons that are extremely effective against garrisoned buildings.

First, the units inside a garrisoned building, and thus the garrison itself, can't attack flying enemies. This means that Harriers, Rocketeers, and Kirovs are all effective at destroying an occupied structure and forcing the enemy troops to evacuate. Of all these options, Rocketeers are the best simply because they're already in position to deal effectively with the enemy troops once they're kicked out of the building.

The range of V3 Launchers is much longer than that of the units inside the occupied building. A couple of these units can destroy a garrisoned building with just a few salvos.

A particular property of garrisoned units also makes Chrono Legionnaires useful. Garrisoned troops attack only one enemy at a time. If you can distract them with a powerful vehicle to draw their fire, move in a nearby Chrono Legionnaire and simply chrono the entire structure away. This deals neatly with the problem of the building itself, as well as all of the units inside it.