Lieutenant Zofia

The Soviet communications officer is Romanov's right-hand woman as well as de-facto guidance counselor on the battlefield. Her aloof bearing hides an undying loyalty to the communist machine, which comes through in her cool, professional, methodical manner of overseeing the invasion of the United States.

Premier Romanov

Looking like Father Time himself, Romanov harbors age-old grudges and dreams of paybacks long overdue. Still nursing his wounds over the fall of the original Soviet Union, the obsessive Romanov has vowed to make America pay for its historic crimes against Mother Russia. His charisma is deceptive, his tactics are underhanded, and his master-plan for the United States is driven by nothing less than megalomania. Everywhere he looks, Romanov sees red.


Biological enhancements to his cerebral cortex have given Yuri, the Soviet science advisor and commander of the Psychic Corps, immense psychic power - he can bend spoons quicker than a Maytag disposal. But he prefers instead to break wills, using his mental powers to keep his foes and minions in line. However, the neural improvements have made Yuri more than a bit unstable. He's every bit as vengeful as Romanov, but ten times as devious and disturbed.

General Vladimir

Luckily for Vladimir, the Soviet invasion doesn't call for the wholesale destruction of America. After all, tired of the privations of living in a communist state, the stout general of the Soviet invasion forces has grown somewhat fond of America - its drink, its women, its food. Vhat a countree! But that doesn't dampen his enthusiasm for crushing the U.S. military, though some say his boasting far outstrips his deeds on the battlefield.