Battle Lab :: War Factory :: Construction Yard :: Ore Refinery

Battle Lab
Cost: 2000 Armor: Light
Strength: 500 Power: -100
Site: 6

The Battle Lab is the Soviet research center that allows you to pursue advanced units and technologies like special weapons. It's expensive and a serious power drain on your base, but the units made available by the Battle Lab are often the key to success on the field

War Factory
Cost: 2000 Armor: Light
Strength: 1000 Power: -25
Site: 4

The War Factory is the production center for vehicles and is crucial for heavy-duty machinery such as Rhinos and Apocalypse tanks. Keep it well protected, as it's a vital branch on your tech tree and will often be the main target if your opponent is going to stage an ambitious, all-out assault.

Construction Yard
Cost: 3000 Armor: Medium
Strength: 1000 Power: 0
Site: 8

The Construction Yard is the heart of your base, the key structure that allows you to build all other buildings from walls to Iron Curtain. It is best to make it the literal heart of your base as well, keeping it out of harm's way by nestling it in the center of your base's layout and protecting it with a variety of ground and anti-air defense. And don't forget walls -- many a Construction Yard has been sold at the hands of a sneaky engineer because a player forgot to wall it in.

Ore Refinery
Cost: 2000 Armor: Light
Strength: 1000 Power: -50
Site: 6

Ore Refineries (and War Miners) are the lifeblood of your base's economy. Crucial to keeping your flow of credits smooth and uninterrupted is making sure you have at least two or three War Miners per Refinery. Spread your Refineries out and protect them well, especially from aerial assault.