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Mission 1: Red Dawn
You have the distinction of being in the vanguard of the glorious Soviet invasion. Your task is a simple but important one: destroy the military base. If you can crush this building, you can defeat a good portion of the American military before it has time to be mobilized, and can hopefully help capture many high-ranking Allied military officials and important documents. You'll be reinforced frequently to help you in this objective, which shouldn't prove to be too difficult, even for a first-time commander.

At the start of the mission, Paratroopers drop in, giving you a nice force of Conscripts to work with. While they move into position, an MCV deploys, starting a base for you. Sit tight for just a minute and build the necessary structures for your base. You need a Tesla Reactor and Barracks at the very least, and a Refinery can't hurt.

When your base is ready, build a couple Engineers and start your Conscripts moving north up the road. Not far from your base, you encounter a small group of GIs already deployed and waiting for you. Send 10 Conscripts into the nearby building and capture it. From this location, your troops make very short work of the Americans.

Continue moving up to find the small Allied base. There aren't any buildings around it to occupy, so simply send in your Conscripts and take out the GIs. Start work on the Patriot Missiles next, to protect your aircraft flying in reinforcements. Take out everything except the Barracks, which you can capture with an Engineer. This gives you a nice advanced position for deploying additional troops.

When you're ready, send an Engineer into the repair hut of the bridge to fix it. Send the troops across and into the next Allied area. Take the two buildings there with your Conscripts. They're within perfect firing range of the Allied GIs and Pillboxes guarding the way into the next Allied base. Take these out, then get your men out of the buildings. With the reinforcements you receive here, move into the Allied base proper.

As soon as you do, more reinforcements appear for you. This group contains a few Engineers, which you can use to capture a good portion of this Allied base. For starters, grab the airport. This allows you to create additional groups of Paratroopers for the rest of the mission. You can also get another Allied Barracks and a Construction Yard, both of which are worth taking. Use this Barracks to create additional troops, particularly a few Engineers.

Destroy everything, except what you capture with Engineers. Look west in this base to find another broken bridge. Have an Engineer repair it, then send over a unit or two to investigate this small area. There aren't any Allies here. As you approach the western side of this small island, you're reinforced with a squad of four Rhino Heavy Tanks. Bring these over to join your Conscripts, then head north to find the base.

Naturally, the area is closely guarded by the Allies. Use the tanks to break through the walls and Pillboxes, then send in your Conscripts to kill off the GIs. You get additional reinforcements here, so create your own Paratroopers at this point. Drop them around the base and have them take out GIs first and Patriot Missiles second. Move in the tanks, and have additional Engineers move up and capture the last two Barracks here.

You get tons of reinforcements, including eight more tanks. Move everyone up and next to the base itself and destroy everything around it. Then, start blowing up the base. There are four individual sections of this building that must be destroyed. When each section goes up, a few remaining GIs attack. They shouldn't be much of a problem for you and, with the power of a dozen tanks, it won't take long to eliminate the entire base.