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Mission 10: Weathered Alliance, U.S. Virgin Islands
In a last, desperate effort to stave off defeat, the Allies have created a new piece of superior technology. This Weather Control Device allows them to create massive, catastrophic storms that can sink entire fleets, destroy even the most powerful units, and eliminate buildings completely. It's believed that this structure is hidden in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Your task is to capture an American Battle Lab to learn the location of this device, and then to destroy it completely.

As the mission starts, you find yourself in something of a predicament. You have very little room to build a base, and few units to start with. The Allies are already entrenched and have a substantial navy. You must work quickly to get yourself up and running if you want to have a chance of staying afloat.

A pair of transports arrives at the start of this mission carrying a few Conscripts, an MCV, and a pair of tanks. Move the MCV near the northern edge of the island by the ore field and deploy it. Start building your base in earnest. Create a Naval Yard as soon as possible. Move one of your starting ships south right away and locate the Dreadnought here.This gives you a good start on creating your navy.

You have a small base already started. This includes a Tesla Reactor and a Radar Tower located on the southern end of the island. Get some troops over here quickly, and protect the area with Flak Cannons and Flak Troopers.

Your concentration, other than getting the base up and running, should be on your navy. Create a force of Sea Scorpions and Typhoon Submarines. As soon as you have a Battle Lab placed, start building Dreadnoughts. On land, supplement your War Miner with a second one. Otherwise, don't build much until you can start creating Apocalypse Tanks.

Send a ship east from your island and explore the area. There's a small island here covered in gems and holding a Tech Outpost. Have an Engineer grab the outpost for you. Your main base will run out of ore relatively quickly; to create the units you need, you have to find more ore. Build a refinery off of the tech outpost and start harvesting the resources on the small island. This will keep you supplied with money throughout the mission.

Now it's time to go hunting. Move your Sea Scorpions and submarines north from this small island. The Allies have a pair of Naval Yards on this end of their island, and you need to destroy both of them, as well as the ships they produce. Subs are perfect for this, and the Sea Scorpions protect them from the aerial assault of enemy Destroyers. Eliminate both Naval Yards, then move in your Dreadnoughts.

The job of the Dreadnoughts is to pound anything they can find on the shore. Have them destroy everything, not just the Pillboxes and units guarding the beach. They can take out just about everything on the entire eastern side of the island, with the exception of the Battle Lab and the two Patriot Missiles that flank it. This assault will take some time.

While you're pounding them, the Allies create SEALs and send them out to destroy your ships. Again, Sea Scorpions are your best defense. Their Flak Cannons can handle any SEALs who try to destroy your Dreadnought force. They can also handle any Rocketeers who move in to attack.

Completely decimate the entire right half of this Allied island. Take out everything except that Battle Lab in the back. You can move in Engineers and try to take a building or two, but it's really not worth the effort. Instead, just level everything. When you're done, start the same process on the shore batteries located on the western half of the island. Take out as many Power Plants, Patriot Missiles, and Prism Towers as you can find. Send over Apocalypse Tanks to assist in the destruction.

Keep sending over Apocalypse Tanks. Before you capture the Battle Lab, fully explore the entire island. There's a large Allied base to the west. Leave a couple defenseless structures around the Battle Lab (the Air Force Command is a good choice) and move a few Engineers over into position.

As soon as you capture the lab, everything changes. The shroud is revealed in the northwest corner of the map, and you're instructed to build a Nuclear Missile Silo and use it to destroy the Weather Control Device. At the same time, the remaining ships in the Allied fleet sail in from the western edge of the map and start raising havoc with your navy. And, worst of all, the Allies send off a weather storm over your nuclear plant. Put a Refinery down and start mining on this large island.

You need to act fast. You can build a Nuclear Silo if you wish, but there are a few problems associated with it. First, it's expensive, costing $5,000 to create. Second, it takes a full 10 minutes to build. The Allies can launch another weather storm before you have a missile ready to fire.

Ignore the weather storm for now. In fact, with the exception of repairing damaged structures, ignore any additional weather storms the Allies create. Use any additional money you have to replace ships lost from the surprise attack of the Allied navy. Gather up your ships and send them up the western side of the map.

What you find is that the Allies have a massive base along the edge of the island that covers the northern extremity of the map. It's stocked with Power Plants fueling Patriot Missiles and scads of Prism Towers. Fortunately, you still have your Dreadnoughts. Again, have them target what they can on the northern island. Pay special attention to the Patriot Missiles first, since they interfere with the missiles from the Dreadnoughts. Take out Prism Towers next. Slowly march your fire inland, taking out anything you come across. You should definitely take out the Prism Towers on both sides of the inlet that leads to the third Allied Naval Yard, and destroy the yard as well.

Keep moving the Dreadnoughts in toward shore, and you can destroy the Weather Control Device from the sea. As soon as it is destroyed, the mission ends.