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Mission 11: Red Revolution, Moscow
Yuri congratulates you on your recent victory against the American forces, and he asks you to return to Moscow so that he can thank you personally. There's something sinister about the way he appears, though (more sinister than usual, even for Yuri). Your suspicions prove correct as your assistant tells you that you've received a videotape. The tape contains film of Romanov telling you that Yuri is controlling his mind and, if he dies, Yuri is the cause. It appears that perhaps even the inept Vladimir may have actually been an innocent victim of Yuri's plotting. Yuri is waiting for you in the Kremlin. Your task is to destroy the Kremlin, with Yuri still in it. You start this mission with a horde of Conscripts, a few vehicles, a pair of Kirovs, and a Construction Yard. Start building immediately, adding all of the normal structures. Concentrate on adding Flak Cannons in the east and northwest while you build up your forces.

You should also start exploring with your Conscripts. Send a group north and garrison the houses you find here. Do the same with a group sent east through the pass. In both cases, you find several tech structures that are well worth taking. Snag these with Engineers as soon as you have the opportunity to build them. You get an outpost and a trio of derricks, all of which will be quite useful to you.

Continue to churn out Conscripts while you build your base. Have these units fully occupy all of the neutral buildings you find surrounding the four tech structures. While these houses are flimsy and won't stand up against a serious assault, they're the best defense you have.

The enemy starts attacking both through the northern pass and the eastern pass. Your garrisoned troops handle the bulk of these for you, and any units you create to guard your base take care of the rest. When you can build them, concentrate on making Apocalypse Tanks, since they can tear through enemy units quickly.

What you really need, in addition to as many Apocalypse Tanks as you can afford, are Tesla Coils. To power them, build a Battle Lab, then place a Nuclear Reactor at the back of your base. Half a dozen or so Tesla Coils around the front of your base will do a nice job of holding off the enemy.

The biggest concern you have in this mission is the enemy Psi-Corps Trooper units. Unfortunately, you can't build Yuris of your own this time. The best way to defend against them, if they manage to get past your garrisoned troops, is Attack Dogs. Create hunting packs of dogs and send them out after the Yuris whenever you spot them moving toward your base.

What you notice at this point is that the Kremlin is a long way from your starting position, and the passes are heavily guarded. Go for real power. Make a fortified area in you base with lots of Flak Cannons and Apocalypse Tanks. When you are ready, build a Nuclear Missile Silo and place it inside your fortified area.

Add a few more Flak Cannons and build about a dozen Flak Tracks. Place the Flak Cannons on either side of your base, and split your Flak Tracks as well. Move a few Apocalypse Tanks into both locations, then place the silo.

Once you place the Nuclear Missile Silo, a Psi-Corps Trooper will pop in and ask if you are truly planning to use nuclear weaponry in Mother Russia. You are, of course, but that's not what it wants to hear. To stop you, it starts sending in Kirovs from the north and northeast. This is why you placed all those Flak Cannons, Flak Tracks, and Apocalypse Tanks in those locations.

Now, you really don't have much to do but wait. Continue to add Flak Tracks to both locations where the Kirovs are moving in, and they shouldn't get too close to your base or the silo.

When the missile is ready to fire, launch it directly on top of the Kremlin. It'll take out the structure-and the Psi-Corps Trooper-with a single hit. The traitor is dead, and the Soviet military is yours to control.