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Mission 12: Polar Storm, Point Hope, Alaska
The Americans have a final outpost from which they hope to continue resistance in guerrilla fashion. Their Chronosphere allows them to attack anywhere in the world, from New York to Moscow. It's reported that this final bastion of America is located in Point Hope, Alaska. Although you have few troops in the area, you must crush this last American base and bring about a successful conclusion to the glorious Soviet domination of the world.

You start with a very small base already set up. You have a Construction Yard, Tesla Reactor, Radar Tower, and Barracks. Build a Refinery immediately, and create a group of four or five Flak Troopers. Put these in the middle of your island. Continue building up the base as normal, but don't worry about placing Tesla Coils or Sentry Guns. A few Flak Cannons are worth the money, though. Don't worry about a second War Miner, either. You can do everything with the one you have.

With the War Factory in place, create a group of Rhino Tanks. Four or five will do the trick for you. Don't worry about the Naval Yard for the moment. A couple of Tesla Reactors and the Battle Lab are more pressing needs, at least initially. As soon as you have the Battle Lab, start creating a force of Kirovs.

While all of this is happening, you'll start being attacked by waves of Allied troops. Groups of Rocketeers appear over the island, moving in from the west. Your Flak Troopers and Flak Tracks can handle these easily. The more serious raids happen when the Allies use their Chronosphere and send groups of vehicles onto the island. There are five different waves of Chronosphere attacks in all.

The first consists entirely of Rocket IFVs. They appear in the ore field to the northeast. Your War Miner and the Rhino Tanks can take care of these without too much trouble. Once this attack is over, send the tanks to the western part of the island and wait. Next, six Grizzlies warp in here. Your Rhinos can get most of them before they manage to phase back in.

Now, move everything that has a weapon to the south and wait. The third attack is a single transport loaded with SEALs. Although your Rhinos can handle the SEALs if they get to land, it's better to hit this transport while it's in the water. With the transport gone, move everything north, particularly the Flak Troopers. The fourth attack comes in from the water-it's a pair of Aircraft Carriers. The Flak Troopers and Flak Cannons will handle the aircraft. If you've got Kirovs built, move them into position to take out the carriers.

The final attack occurs in the southeast corner of your island. It's another group of tanks, and it shouldn't be any trouble for your Rhinos to take down this final Chronosphere attack.

Now you can create your main arsenal. If you haven't done so already, build six Kirovs. Once this is accomplished, build your Naval Yard. Build six Sea Scorpions, five submarines, and four or five Dreadnoughts at your Naval Yard. When your ships are built, send a Kirov up the right edge of the map to the northeast corner. From here, move in carefully and find the Tech Airport. Although you can't get an Engineer to this structure, you can take the three Kirov ships around it. Move these back to your base. To keep these units safe while they're moving, send a couple of Sea Scorpions with them to guard against Rocketeers.

Take the Sea Scorpions and submarines, and move west from the Naval Yard. There are about a dozen Allied ships and two Naval Yards, all of which must be destroyed. You need superiority in the water to complete this mission. Move along the coast, attacking with the subs while the Sea Scorpions provide air cover.

With complete domination over the waves, you're now in the perfect position to destroy a huge portion of the Allied position. Use the Dreadnoughts to shell the beach, taking out everything you can see and targeting new structures as they become available. Pay particular attention to Power Plants and Patriot Missiles. Meanwhile, send the Kirovs to the southwest corner of the map, being particularly careful to keep them away from land. You don't want to fly them over the Patriot Missiles in the area.

Move your ships around the southern tip of the island to the back cove and repeat this process. Initially, concentrate on taking out Prism Towers and Pillboxes that can hit your ships, then have the Dreadnoughts take out targets of opportunity. The best way to do this is to force fire on the ground, then have the Dreadnoughts target anything that is revealed when the Patriots fire to stop the Dreadnought missiles. Hit the Patriots last, because they're what allows you to see the other structures.

Run the Kirovs up through this cove now and move them mainly north, but bearing slightly east. Once they start spotting a high concentration of walls, Pillboxes, and Prism Towers, move them in. Meanwhile, your Dreadnoughts should continue hitting any Patriot Missiles the Kirovs uncover.

The goal of the Kirovs should be the Chrono-sphere itself. It's located at the center of this collection of walls and defensive structures. Although there are still some air defenses in the area, they shouldn't be able to cope with 6 to 10 Kirovs at once. Move in and blow up the Chronosphere.

With the Chronosphere destroyed, the Allies have no ability to continue their fight against you and no ability to strike at any of your positions. The mission ends in success regardless of how many units the Allies still have. The world is once again at peace, but this time, it's your peace.