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Mission 2: Hostile Shore, Florida Coast
In your continuing campaign against the Allies, you have elected to hit them where they least expect it: Florida. You need to establish a base on the Florida coast, then move inland and destroy all resistance. Although the Allies aren't necessarily expecting this move, they're here in force. They won't simply roll over for you.

The mission begins chaotically. While Vladimir's Dreadnought pounds the American defenses along the shoreline, transports move in, depositing tanks and troops to knock the Allies away from the beach. You take command of the troops as soon as all the
transports are unloaded.

Tell your troops and tanks to destroy the Pillboxes, then move everything up the beach. Hit the barrels between the Allied Refineries, and you'll destroy both buildings instantly. With the Pillboxes gone, another transport moves in, leaving you an MCV, which you should deploy. Place it away from the beach, near the Allied Refineries you've just destroyed. This gives you a defensible location out of shelling range from the sea and with enough room to adequately guard it on land.

While you're establishing your base, you're attacked. The group of Allied tanks that moves against you is large, but it don't be concerned. Move your tanks against them and continue to concentrate on creating your infrastructure. You need a couple Tesla Reactors, a Barracks, a Refinery, a War Factory, and a Naval Yard-all as quickly as possible.

To deflect the ongoing Allied attempts to knock you out of your beachhead, start capturing neutral buildings in the area with Conscripts. You should fully stock these buildings-particularly the ones around your base.

Explore the entire area to the west and everything south to the road, taking every building you find. You need a lot of Conscripts to do this, but Conscripts are cheap and build quickly. A second War Miner is extremely helpful in getting the funds for this.

Another help is the pair of Tech Derricks located west of your base. Send up a few tanks and Flak Tracks, and capture these derricks with Engineers. When you can, move Conscripts into the area and take the factory and the mobile homes. These fortifications help keep the Tech Derricks safe. All of the white hotels contain bonus crates. Destroy them and move a unit on top of the crate to get bonus cash.

At some point, Vladimir makes an attack run against the Allied fleet. He's quickly repulsed, and his Dreadnought sails off. You receive a few submarines as reinforcements at this time. You can supplement these with a few subs of your own. Move down carefully and take out a couple of the Destroyers in the area, sending wounded submarines back to your Naval Yard for repair.

On land, continue capturing buildings, slowly moving closer to the Allied base. The defenses up front are tough, but not terrible. With a large force of tanks, Flak Tracks, and Conscripts, you could blast through these defenses and wipe out the Americans. There's a better way, though.

Create a group of tanks and a Flak Track or two, filling one Flak Track with Engineers. This is costly, but with a pair of War Miners and your Tech Derricks, money won't be a problem. Move these units along the western edge of the map. Move in slowly, looking for signs of Allied units and buildings. When you find the Allied base, send your tanks and Flak Tracks in to destroy the Pillboxes and
GIs here.

The Flak Track carrying the Engineers should hang back just a little bit. With the area secured, take the Engineers out of the Flak Track to capture the Allied Construction Yard.

This sets off a massive chain of events that quickly brings about your victory. With their Con-struction Yard gone, the Allies sell all of their buildings, and the GIs move to attack. Anything that comes within range of your captured buildings is immediately eliminated, while your tank group in the southwest can eliminate any troops that come their way. Send these troops through the area to mop up any remaining Allies. Don't forget about their Chrono Miners.

All that remains now is eliminating the rest of the Allied fleet. Churn out a couple additional submarines and move them into the American waters at the south end of the map. Take out the Destroyers. When the last Allied unit is destroyed, victory is yours.