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Mission 3: Big Attack
Vladimir took credit for your victory in Florida, which shouldn't surprise you too much-he appears to be a very opportunistic person. Yuri talks to you before the start of this mission, and tells you not to worry about Vladimir. Yuri knows what really happened. He also tells you about the Psychic Beacon. Using this device, you can project thoughts onto others and control their minds. You are to start the psychic invasion of the United States. Clear out the area and place a Psychic Beacon, which will control the minds of civilians and turn them to the Soviet cause. To help you achieve this goal, you must first capture an Allied Battle Lab.

You start with very little. In fact, all you have is a Radar Tower, a Tesla Reactor, and a Conyard. You need a Refinery and a Barracks immediately, followed by a War Factory.

Don't worry about creating a second War Miner for now. Instead, concentrate on building up your defenses. Create a lot of Conscripts and have them capture the buildings to the north and east of your base. Particularly important is the large building located just east of your base, near the Tech Derricks. Reinforce this area with several tanks and Flak Tracks.

Now take the derricks with a trio of Engineers. Because there's almost no ore in your area, these three derricks provide the bulk of your income for the rest of the mission. Protect them well with additional tanks and Flak Tracks, place a few Sentry Guns in front of them, and keep that building occupied with Conscripts.

Around this time, you will be airdropped a few Psi-Corps units. These are useful in defending against Allied attacks, particularly while you're still building up your power. Psi-Corps Troopers can each mindcontrol a single enemy unit. Try to mind-control powerful Grizzly Tanks or IFVs and use them to scout the map or attack the enemy's base.

Using a Flak Track, explore the area. Ignore the large bridge for the moment: Most of the Allied attacks will come down this bridge, and a single scouting Flak Track would be vulnerable. Instead, explore the lower areas to the left and right of the bridge. Send out groups of 10 Conscripts to capture some of the buildings, holding them to prevent additional Allied attacks from reaching your base.

Most of the buildings are heavily damaged and can't be garrisoned. Create several Engineers to follow along with your Conscripts and repair the buildings. You need these buildings because they are the best way to keep your units protected, and they give you the best position to attack the approaching enemy. Start moving out groups of 10 Conscripts and an Engineer. Send the Engineer into a building to repair it, then occupy it fully with your troops.

Keep pushing north and east toward the enemy. Money is a problem for a long time because your own ore runs out so quickly, making you entirely dependent on the money from your Tech Derricks. Take it slow and easy, expanding outward when you can. Also, build a few Rhino Tanks and Flak Tracks to keep your own base safe.

You'll also encounter a few Allied-occupied buildings. The easiest way to deal with these is to hit them with a couple of V3 Rocket Launchers. These units can stay out of the range of garrisoned buildings, and three of them can destroy most neutral buildings outright with a single salvo.

You can find a couple of Tech Outposts along the western side of the map. Take them to provide a way to repair your vehicles. Don't capture them until you can adequately defend them with vehicles and by garrisoning the buildings nearby. The other benefit to grabbing these nearby buildings is that moving a force into the area puts several new ore fields, including a field of gems, under your control, allowing your War Miner to start working again. Now is also a good time to build a second War Miner.

Although you should be approaching the Allied position across a broad front, the best approach is from the northwest, near the second of the two outposts. Build a second Barracks and place it here. Start churning out Engineers and Conscripts from this Barracks, and repair everything on the top of the hill to the north. Garrison all of these buildings completely (you'll be happy you did this later on). Send a scout or two down the eastern side of the hill to explore the Allied base. There are a few Pillboxes here; eliminate them with your V3s. Repair the damaged buildings directly in front of the Allied base and completely occupy them.

Start moving into the Allied base, capturing anything worthwhile and destroying everything else. Use your V3s to take out the Pillboxes and have Engineers capture the Barracks you encounter. Make this your primary Barracks and start pouring out hordes of Flak Troopers. You can also grab an Allied War Factory and use it to create a dozen or so IFVs. As with the Barracks, make this your primary War Factory so that the units appear in the Allied base rather than back at your home base.
Essentially, you want to destroy or capture everything but the Battle Lab. Completely eliminate the Allied presence in the area. Then keep making units. You want about 20 Flak Troopers and a like number of IFVs. Make some of those IFVs powerful against ground troops by inserting Tesla Troopers into them, but leave at least half as Rocket IFVs. Make sure you completely garrison every building around the former Allied base.

Now you can take the Battle Lab. It'll change into a Soviet Psychic Beacon, which you now must protect until it deploys. The Allies will hit you with everything they have, and will move in from all over the map. You will receive more Psi Troopers by para drop once the Psychic Beacon deploys. Use them to mind-control enemy vehicles that get too close to the Psychic Beacon.

All you really need to do is hang tight. Your troops garrisoned in the buildings around the beacon do a good job of fighting back the Allies dropping in, and the Rocket IFVs and Flak Troopers should knock a few Allied planes out of the sky before they can drop their Paratroopers. Don't worry about the battles going on anywhere else on the map. Your troops can hold off a few of the Allied units. Even if they can't, the Psychic Beacon is all that matters at this point.

If the Psychic Beacon comes under enemy fire, don't forget that you can repair it. An Engineer can be ordered to enter the Beacon to repair it to full health instantly.

Once the Beacon is fully charged up, it deploys, and all of the enemy troops on the map fall under your control. The mission is a success.