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Mission 4: Home Front, Vladivostok
Despite your recent successes in the campaign against America, not everything is well back home. The Republic of Korea has sided with the Americans and is currently moving a fleet near Vladivostok. While Romanov would like to use the "war hero" Vladimir for this mission, the general is...otherwise occupied. It falls to you to destroy the Korean fleet completely and protect Mother Russia.

You start with almost nothing. Aside from your Construction Yard, all you have to begin with is a Naval Yard and a single submarine. You need everything, and you need it immediately. The Korean fleet will be landing in 10 minutes.

In addition to building some additional subs, start creating your base. Build a Refinery as soon as you place your first Tesla Reactor, and have the War Miner explore to the north. There's a field of gems located just above the large ore field, and it makes sense to gather from here first.

You have about 10 minutes before the Allies attack, but it's enough time to get ready. Air defense is your immediate priority. The Allies attack with aircraft constantly throughout this mission. A couple of Flak Cannons placed near your Construction Yard and Tesla Reactor will help at first. You also need a second War Miner immediately. If you wait until the Allies attack in force, you'll be so busy replacing lost units that you won't have the time or money to build this second miner-and you need that income.

The other things you need are a few Typhoon Submarines. You should have enough money in your starting funds to build a group of four or five subs. Move them east once the timer gets down to just a couple of minutes, and have them in position to strike at the Allied transports.

Otherwise, build tanks and put them primarily in the north. Your War Miners will be dredging up the ore north of your base, and the Allies will attack here frequently, hoping to disable your economy. Don't let them. Placing six or so tanks here generally gives you the advantage in terms of firepower. When you can afford it, place a service depot in your base and repair the tanks between assaults.

Because the Allies also attack with rocketeers, you need to have Flak Tracks and troopers in the northern part of your base. You won't need many of them, but without a few to handle these aerial units, your tanks are sitting ducks.

You can explore the bulk of the map with a Flak Track. Concentrate mainly on the shoreline. Although the Allies attack occasionally from the south, the troops are still moving in from the same location in the east. There's not much to see in the west and south of this map. Your scout should instead probe to the east, trying to uncover the edges of the Allied base. You can do the same with naval units, having your ships take out the Allied navy and Naval Yard.

At this point, a lot of the money you bring in is probably going for building repairs, unit repairs, and replacing destroyed units. Use any spare money to build a third War Miner between enemy attacks.

After that, start creating your attack force. Don't worry about infantry for this attack-you won't need them. Eight to ten tanks and a few Flak Tracks are all you need, although a V3 Launcher or two wouldn't hurt.

Send this attack force along the southern beach, right along the shoreline. Push your way into the Allied base and hit what you can. Chrono Miners are always a good target, and they're easier to kill when they have just unloaded and are on their way back out to the ore fields.

Continue sending additional units over to the Allied base, and pull back any of your own units that have been weakened. If Allied resistance gets too heavy, don't be afraid to disengage. The goal, if you can't destroy the base in one attack, should be to weaken it as much as possible. The Construction Yard is a great primary goal, as are the Refineries and Chrono Miners. Disrupt the enemy's ability to produce money and buildings, and it's just a matter of time before he falls.

You can move in a few Engineers in a Flak Track and take a few of the Allied buildings. It saves you the time and hassle of destroying these buildings, but if you aren't diligent at wiping out the enemy Pillboxes, your Engineers can be easily killed. It's a very good idea to capture the Air Force Command. With it, you can build a few Harriers for the last stage of this mission.

However, the Harriers are probably overkill at this point. If you've destroyed the Allies in the water and taken their Construction Yard and money, all that really remains is rolling up the last few enemies. This shouldn't be much of a problem for a large force. Continue to supplement your attack group when you can, and remember that your Sea Scorpions are good at shelling infantry near the shore.