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Mission 5: City of Lights
The scene switches to France. As a demonstration of your incredible power, you'll turn the Paris Tower into a massive Tesla Coil, able to strike anything in the city. This puts the French completely under your thumb. Naturally, they'll protect their national landmark with everything they have, so you can expect resistance to be strong.

For this mission, you're unable to build a base. You will start with a Barracks and a single Tesla Coil. You have several Conscripts, a couple of Engineers, four Tesla Troopers, and a pair of Crazy Ivans as well. There's no ore to mine, which means that, unless you find a method of increasing your income, you're also limited to building $2,500 worth of units as well.

Fortunately, there's a source of income in the area. Take your Conscripts and start them moving west, capturing buildings. You aren't taking these buildings with the goal of holding them, at least initially. Your objective is to take a building, use it to eliminate any Allies in the immediate area, and then move on to the next building. Keep heading west until you find the Tech Derrick in the southwest corner. Take out all the Allies here, move in an Engineer, and claim this structure.

Now you have a source of income, albeit a very limited one. Still, it's enough for what you need to accomplish. Build as many Conscripts as you can and fully occupy all of the buildings around the Tech Derrick. Do the same with four or five buildings around your base. This takes some time because you need a lot of Conscripts. You'll be waiting on the Tech Derrick to pump out the money you need to build all of these Conscripts. Just be patient.

With your income and your base protected, you can continue building Conscripts to move in on the Allied position and the Paris Tower. Use the same basic tactic. Take teams of six Con-scripts and work them north, covering the map from side to side. They should occupy a building, take out any Allied units and Pillboxes they can hit, then move on to the next structure. You'll continue to gain territory as they move. Keep a few buildings occupied in areas where Allied Pillboxes sit just out of range of your Conscripts. This keeps the Allies in check and prevents them from moving in on your base.

As you reach the northern extent of the map, you discover the Paris Tower itself. It's heavily guarded with Pillboxes and GIs, as well as a couple of tanks and IFVs. Move in with the Conscripts, taking as many buildings along the outside of the walls as you can. You should be able to destroy all of the Pillboxes and tanks eventually, although your Conscripts may be kicked out of a couple of buildings. Keep moving and keep attacking until you have breached the Allied defense.

Now the Conscripts can move inside the wall and take buildings. Around the same time, you receive reinforcements-an Amphibious Transport containing half a dozen Tesla Troopers. Keep them where they are at the moment, and keep building Conscripts. You need to hit the Allies from both sides to take the Paris Tower and to prevent the Allies from destroying it after it's yours.

Move a force of Conscripts up the road next to the water and have them assault the Allied position west of the tower. You'll lose most if not all of these units, but that shouldn't be a problem. Keep funneling replacements into the area as you can, and move your other groups of Conscripts into those buildings beyond the Allied wall. This puts the Paris Tower under your control and gets you in position to kill off the bulk of the Allied units.

As soon as you take the tower, the Allies start attacking it. Hit what you can from the occupied buildings, then deploy the troops and have them attack any remaining GIs and tanks. There should only be a few of them left.

When the last GI and tank in the area are down, move in with the transport, deploy the Tesla Troopers, and move them into position around the tower. It'll charge up and destroy all of the remaining Allies on the map. Paris is yours.