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Mission 6: Sub-Divide
Before this mission begins, Yuri is promoted to the Supreme Commander of the Soviet forces. It's obvious that he has gained this control by manipulating Romanov with his psychic abilities, and Yuri's promotion has infuriated Vladimir to potentially dangerous levels. Regardless, you have a task at hand. The Allied Pacific fleet is gathering. If you can crush them now, you will eliminate virtually all Allied presence in the Pacific, giving you complete control over the waves. Even better, if you can destroy this fleet, you can effectively prevent the Allies from invading the eastern shores of Russia again.

This mission takes place on a huge map, much larger than you've seen in the Soviet missions so far. You start with a small force of a few men and a couple ships. Naturally, much of this mission centers around your own navy, but it's a foolish commander who forgets about his ground troops in favor of the navy.

Start by deploying your MCV and building up your base. You're given a countdown for the arrival of the Korean fleet, but that doesn't mean that the American fleet is going to sit back and wait. You need defenses as quickly as you can build them. Build several Flak Cannons and place them around your budding base, supplementing them with Flak Troopers and Flak Tracks.

You need some ground defenses as well. Explore the island you start on and put Conscripts into every building you can. A few tanks and Tesla Troopers, as well as Tesla Coils, will help fight back the small invasions of GIs that attack via transport. Build a series of Flak Tracks as well, and keep these close to the southern edge of the island. Build a Naval Yard, and turn out a couple of subs. You should also create a Radar Tower to allow you to build Sea Scorpions. When the reinforcements arrive from the north, move all your ships up to the northwestern edge of your island complex. The Korean fleet will arrive shortly.

When the Korean fleet arrives, hit them with your ships as much as you can. You take some losses here, so keep the Naval Yard working on more Typhoon Subs and Sea Scorpions. You want to destroy as much of the Korean navy as possible. Although taking out the Destroyers is helpful, concentrate most of your fire on the Aircraft Carriers. The Koreans won't stick around too long, but you should be able to sink a couple of their ships.

Now pull your navy south and wait in the area just south of your main island. The Korean fleet, once it meets with the Americans, attacks your base in force, moving along your southern shore. Place your Sea Scorpions where they can defend against aircraft, and line up your Typhoons to take down the enemy shipping. Your Dreadnoughts are helpful here, too, because they can wipe out stationary ships quickly. A couple of V3 Launchers placed along the shore can also help.

It takes some effort to eliminate the Korean ships. Once they're gone, it's time to give yourself a significant advantage. Load up a transport with a single Engineer and 11 Conscripts. Send it all the way to the southwest corner of the map, protecting it with several submarines and sea scorpions. Deploy the men on the small spit of land here and capture the airfield. This lets you air drop Paratroopers for the rest of the mission. Build a couple Flak Cannons to protect the airfield.

Move the Conscripts through the entire area. You'll find a total of four crates, all of which give you money when picked up. You can earn a tremendous amount of money for this, and they'll help you in the next stage.

Now you need to start moving on the main Allied island. Fortunately, you have the resources to do so. Drop Paratroopers onto the eastern section of this island, and have your transports send over batches of Conscripts as well. Garrison everything, moving slowly west and capturing a building at a time. You're looking for a large group of offices and hotels to hold onto.

Capture these hotels with the Conscripts. Use the transports to continue shuttling more Conscripts into this area and continue to pack these hotels with your men. They'll handle anything that moves into the area, and will eventually take out an Allied Pillbox. Further exploration here reveals an Allied Refinery. Move over another group via transport, but include an Engineer in this batch. While this group is building, create a Tesla Coil and a Barracks, but don't place either of them. When the transport arrives, capture the Refinery and place both structures near it. Make this Barracks your primary.

There are more Allied structures in the area, including a Prism Tower, which you can avoid completely. Instead, keep exploring the area to the north and west. There's a small cove in this area, and it holds one of the two Allied Naval Yards. If you have placed your Tesla Coils well, they'll be able to hit both the Naval Yard and the ships it produces. If not, continue to build Tesla Coils (and Tesla Reactors), and place them in the area to wipe out this section of the Allied fleet.

Now it's time to finish the job with your submarine fleet. Collect a large wolf pack and move them out, exploring the coast of the large island. You discover a narrow inlet lined with Prism Towers. You can take these down with your Dreadnoughts if you wish, but there's really no need; the Prism Towers can't hit the submarines when they're underwater.

Take the subs through this cove and eliminate anything that looks like a ship or a Naval Yard. It takes some time, and you have to chase a few ships. Hit Destroyers first, since they can damage and destroy your subs, then go for the Cruisers, Carriers, and the Naval Yard itself. Keep up this sweep until you've destroyed everything in the water.

If the mission hasn't ended yet, it means there's still a ship or two around. Don't worry about the Coast Guard ships patrolling the western seas, because you don't have to destroy them. Keep the subs moving through the cove and around the USS Arizona Memorial, and destroy any new Naval Yard built by the Allies. When the last ship and Naval Yard are gone, the fleet is considered destroyed, and the mission ends in success.