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Mission 7: Chrono, Ural Mountains
The Allies are mounting an attack against your Battle Lab in the Ural Mountains. They'll stop at nothing to destroy or capture the Battle Lab to prevent you from developing new technology, or to steal it for themselves. You must keep it safe at all costs. The Allies attack by sending troops into their Chronosphere. You must be alert at all times and expect attacks from any and every direction.

This mission isn't that difficult if you keep your head together. Start building up your base as you normally would, making sure to put troops at each of the open points in your base. Essentially, you want troops, tanks, and Flak Tracks at every location where you have a Sentry Gun, as well as in the ore field to your immediate north. Also make sure you have at least five Attack Dogs at each location. The Allies attack with spies in this mission, and dogs are your only defense against them.

Allied Spies often target your Tesla Reactors. If they get inside a reactor they can cut the power to your base for a full minute. Guard your Tesla Reactors with Attack Dogs or wall them in so the Spies can't even get near them.

You may have an urge to explore-don't, at least initially. Keep building up your forces and expanding your base. The more technology you develop, the better. Each time you get the ability to produce a new unit, put several at each of the entry points in your base. You should only put one Apocalypse Tank at each point, mainly because of the expense and time needed for building these massive tanks.

The waves of Allied attackers get progressively larger and more difficult to deal with. Flak troopers are particularly useful because, after the first couple of attacks the Allies will move in with groups of rocketeers. They'll also send in snipers, so watch the area around your base. It pays to explore these areas between attacks, if only to expose the terrain and allow you to spot enemy snipers when they appear.

When you can spare a tank, move west into the town and destroy the propaganda truck driving around the outskirts. It contains a power-up crate and Spy Satellite maps of the area. When you destroy this truck, you remove the shroud over the entire map. Now, when the Allies pop in using the Chronosphere, you can pinpoint exactly where they'll attack and what they'll attack with.

Look around the map and you'll also spot an outpost and a trio of Tech Derricks. Build four Engineers and place them into a Flak Track. Send it to this location accompanied by three or four Rhino Tanks, a few more Flak Tracks, and an Apocalypse Tank, if possible. Grab all four structures. You'll be reinforced by a group of Flak Troopers when you snag the Outpost. Place a Tesla Coil or two and a Flak Cannon around these buildings, and you've got some additional income and another place for the Allies to attack. They'll attack here, taking some of the pressure off your base. Use the outpost to repair your vehicles between battles.

Another problem you have is taking out the Allied Prism Tanks. Unfortunately, there's no great way to do this other than massing your firepower against them. They're very fragile, and an Apocalypse Tank can eliminate an entire squad of these vehicles. But because of their power, they're very dangerous, especially if they get within range of your Battle Lab.

The sixth and final Allied attack is the largest. You're hit from all sides, with virtually every Allied unit you can imagine. Hang tough, and concentrate on eliminating any Spies and Engineers before you do anything else. With those threats eliminated, concentrate on defending the Battle Lab. Build Walls around your Battle Lab and make sure it has plenty of air defense.

At some point during the mission, a group of trucks moves from the north down to the small base in the south. It's a nice bonus if you can destroy the trucks, either while they're moving or once they've reached the small base. Each truck drops a crate when it's destroyed.